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Custom website design and development services by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware
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Website Goal Setting by
Dynamic Digital Advertising

Trust Dynamic Digital Advertising’s
Expertise to Guide Your Company.

Is your website’s design for disseminating
information or for tracking new customers?
Do you need to develop a website to
generate new business-to-business leads,
or to find new retailers or distributors? To
express a point of view to an exclusive
group, a highly targeted group, or a broad
audience? To keep visitors for longer periods
of time, to test market a product, to create
an email list, to gather opinions, or to
provide entertainment?

DDA Helps You Discern Your
Website’s Goals

Many companies, including some custom
website design agencies, assume that a
website is just an online brochure. At
Dynamic Digital Advertising, a pioneer web site
design and development company, we know that
websites are more because they serve multiple layers of purposes both today and tomorrow. Effective website development is about asking the right questions to build those multiple layers of goals that increase a website’s shelf life and scalability. Because no two businesses ever have the same goals, every corporate website must be unique—customized precisely to a business’s needs.

Since 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising’s expertise has helped clients to answer these questions and then formulate and set website goals in marketing and promotion. Website goal setting is the beginning of a process that propels online businesses to the top of major search engines and provides visitors with easy access to information, state of the art usability, world class design, and an effortless navigation experience.

Dynamic Digital Advertising uses a team approach to ask the right questions, understand the needs of the client, and build websites that accomplish many goals simultaneously. By employing a cohesive team of fifteen people who are highly trained in all facets of website construction, DDA utilizes a broad range of expertises to determine your website’s primary and secondary goals and maximize the overall positive impact on your business.

Dynamic Digital Advertising is unusual in that its clients run the gamut, from small mom and pop operations to multibillion dollar corporations. This provides DDA the opportunity to see the path that companies take in dealing with the digital marketplace. DDA has identified six areas that all companies will ultimately undertake if they are to compete successfully online for a long period of time.

The Six Areas of Website Goal Setting:

Strategic Planning allows customers to focus on the "big picture" of their company’s marketing strategy. Internet marketing strategies and practices that are created then adapted through sound research for the digital age assure business success online.

Corporate Identity is the persona that a company presents across a variety of media. A well-conceived and properly implemented corporate identity is distinctive, easily understood, and consistent from logo to print to broadcast to Internet. The website is the most effective marketing tool ever devised and therefore has the potential to impact the corporate identity in both very positive and negative ways.

Advertising and Marketing combines the ability to present great advertising that is consistent with corporate identity, strategic marketing, and digital technologies to deliver custom-tailored messages to individuals seeking information and solutions at exactly the time when they need them most. DDA understands the complexity, difficulty, and opportunities of Marketing in the 21st Century™.

Product Launch and Promotion connects great product with high visibility, perfect timing, and immediate message delivery. The Internet is unequaled in its ability to publicize, promote, and present new product.

Lead Generation identifies and presents your business to clients and customers who want to buy your business’s services and products. A well-constructed, highly-optimized, properly organized website will generate targeted traffic consistently and cost-effectively.

Improved ROI through communication and productivity enhancements has tremendous potential to improve your ROI. DDA's digital technology can shorten sales cycles, improve customer satisfaction, and build customer loyalty, resulting in significant improvement in your ROI ratios.

Dynamic Digital Advertising’s expertise in each of these areas allows companies to accurately identify, understand, and implement their short- and long-term goals. It is Dynamic Digital Advertising's mission to give companies reality-based information that takes the mystery out of Marketing in the 21st Century™.

Since, 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising has pioneered effective online marketing through comprehensive website goal setting that allows the careful planning and construction of an online business that fits a company’s needs. As a professional custom website design company, Dynamic Digital Advertising serves clients regionally in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York as well as across the United States. No matter where clients are from, DDA has the cutting edge technology that allows clients to interact and plan with DDA’s experienced staff members. Rely on DDA to listen to your needs and to work with you to set achievable goals that will launch your business to top of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.



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Whether you’re interested in direct-to-consumer medical advertising via a medical video for your office’s waiting room or physician advertising via a medical website for a particular medical service, DDA Medical is the medical advertising and marketing agency you need to grow your practice. Our team of degree professionals, ranging from medical writers and graphic designers to videographers and programmers, develops ideas and strategies for advertising medical services that help you significantly increase your patient base, enhance awareness about your particular medical service, and propel your practice to the top of the preferred groups known regionally, nationally, or globally. In the field of medical healthcare, marketing is critical. Let DDA Medical help you help others. Choose from one of the following medical advertising services: Medical Website Design and Development, Medical Video Production, Medical Print Design, Medical CD-ROM/DVD Production, Continuing Medical Education (CME) Tools, and Patient Information and Referral Services.
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When it comes to exceptional video production services, no other company can compare to Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). From preproduction video services to post production, work like scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, video editing, special effects (FX), and more are all available under one roof. An impressive video featuring engaging design, intelligent scripts, and talented actors is just what your Corporate or Medical facility needs to advertise its products and services. Contact DDA today and tomorrow have the video production you’ve always dreamt of. We do it all. From Product Launch Videos, Testimonials Videos, to Instructional, and Educational Videos, DDA is the answer.
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Corporate identity enhancement is possible when you rely on Dynamic Digital Advertising’s superior digital marketing and graphic design services. Philadelphia’s leading graphic design firm, DDA provides one of the largest listings of services in the country. One of these is website design, which offers website visitors a user experience that is pleasant and aesthetically-pleasing. These two features provide a boost for your corporate identity by highlighting your company’s technologically-advanced capabilities. Click here to see the many other ways that Dynamic Digital Advertising’s graphic design services can strengthen this critical component of your business.
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