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Website Hosting by Dynamic Digital Advertising for Website Design and Development

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Website Design & Development

Website Hosting by
Dynamic Digital Advertising
to Support Website Design
and Website Development

Know that your website is in the best
hands with Dynamic Digital
Advertising’s Website Hosting

Located in the greater Philadelphia area,
Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is a
cutting-edge custom website design
company and website hosting provider,
serving clients from a variety of industries
nationally and regionally in Pennsylvania,
New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. For clients that enroll in the SureThing™ Search Engine Optimization Program, DDA provides free Website Hosting. DDA is passionate about designing and developing websites that are industry leading and effective marketing and promotion tools for the companies they represent. It's no surprise that DDA servers are high-end, powerful units with multiple redundant processors, hard drives, backup systems, power sources, Internet connectivity, and are monitored 24/7 by onsite technicians in a state-of-the-art facility.

DDA’s Website Hosting Network
Dynamic Digital Advertising’s servers are housed in a server farm, which is attached to the NTT/Verio global Tier-1 network. This high-capacity network features private peering arrangements with all major Internet backbone providers as well as links to MAE East, MAE West, NY NAP, and the Digital Internet Exchange. Redundant and geographically dispersed OC-12 connections and Cisco® routers as well as switches ensure continuous availability. DDA’s servers are directly connected to their own switched port.

State-of-the-art Website Hosting Data Center
DDA’s website hosting provides a data center that utilizes state-of-the-art security features including biometric hand scans for entry, on-site guards, 24/7 video surveillance, fire detection and suppression (FM 200 gas suppression), raised floors, and temperature/humidity controls. DDA’s servers are connected to central Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), which are backed up by diesel generators, making the data center self-sufficient for several days, if needed. The data center is housed in a category-5 rated building that is able to withstand hurricane-force winds with concrete walls, roof, and foundation. The data center does not share any exterior walls.

Secure Website Hosting Backups
Each server is equipped with a Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) so all live data is consistently duplicated. In the rare occurrence that a hard drive would fail, the server would then switch to the second drive with no down time. All data is backed up nightly to a hard disk that offers instant access storage. In case of catastrophic hardware failure of a server, an identical rack system would be available within 1 hour and all data could be restored from the back up device. All website files are also duplicated at Dynamic Digital Advertising weekly. There are four copies of every website available at all times.

Other DDA Hosting Provider Features
To build your online business, you need a domain name. DDA determines the availability of a desired domain name and, if available, registers the name immediately. For clients who need e-commerce capabilities, DDA offers reliable secure servers for merchant accounts that process credit card payments. Dynamic Digital Advertising makes sure that when credit card payments are processed, the money is directly deposited into you merchant account every time without error.

24/7-onsite Client Support
As a website hosting provider, DDA understands that one of the most common complaints is a lack of technical support. DDA is obsessed with customer service. When you call, you can talk to an expert directly who knows who you are. Other web hosts may use a voice mail system where you receive no feedback resulting in your problem or concern going unanswered.

Providing hosting does not produce a revenue stream for DDA. What it does provide is a safe, secure, and reliable environment for its clients’ online businesses and a relationship-building mechanism between DDA and the clients served. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s website hosting, email hosting, web traffic reporting, URL registration management, backups and client support are all offered at little or no cost in the interest of helping clients build successful versions of their businesses online.


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