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Custom website design and development services by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

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Website Design & Development

Dynamic Digital Advertising's
Functional Implementation
for Website Design
and Website Development

Since 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising
(DDA) has been leading companies in
the industry of professional custom
website design and website development

from our greater Philadelphia area
location. DDA is proud to serve a broad
spectrum of clients nationally and locally
in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York,
and Delaware.

As with everything Dynamic Digital Advertising does,
process is critical. Functional Implementation is a critical phase in the custom website design and website development process because this is the phase where the communication tools, productivity enhancements, and technical infrastructure of the website plan becomes reality.

DDA’s Functional Implementation takes the Functional Plan to the next level for seamless website design and website development.
Website implementation builds what has been prioritized in the Functional Plan. The client, in conjunction with Dynamic Digital Advertising, makes strategic decisions on what parts of the functional plan to include in phase one website development. Website marketing and management priorities, ROI productivity enhancements, and budget considerations all constitute the basis for how these strategic decisions are made. Future parts of the functional plan are addressed in phase one implementation so that later additions and enhancements are integrated seamlessly.

Website Functional Implementation Builds Your Online Business From the Ground Up.
Functional implementation in the construction of an online business is similar to the construction of a brick-and-mortar building, such as a house. Both require a designer to carefully devise a well-structured architecture. The designer may be able to envision past the basic foundation of the house and see colors, additions, sheds, and swimming pools, or other decorations. However, the designer must first build a house that has rooms that are logically laid out with the proper pipes and wiring running through for heat and electricity. If the house lacks a solid foundation, or is poorly constructed, no one can comfortably live there. At the same time, a website with a confusing layout or with a poorly-implemented functional plan will be a compromised utility and will have degraded marketing capabilities. A proper functional plan and implementation ensures that a website meets immediate and future needs required for success in the online realm.

DDA’s company of professional custom website designers and developers work as a team so the website architecture and design, programming, and content development is consistent with the functional plan implementation. While the programming can be done in modules, the connectivity to legacy systems and current business systems must be viewed as a whole.

Every piece developed from the functional plan needs to be independently tested for stability, scalability, and usability, then integrated with the other pieces, and tested for problems or inconsistencies. Dynamic Digital Advertising tests on a diverse set of computer platforms of various ages, operating systems, and browsers for the best possible universality and compatibility.

DDA’s Functional Implementation is not only seamless, but efficient. The experience of our staff knows what it takes to makes websites aesthetically-pleasing, functional, user-friendly, and informative for employees, prospects, and customers.




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As Philadelphia’s premier graphic design firm, Dynamic Digital Advertising understands the importance of having a professional and pleasant corporate identity. Marketing and branding services by DDA utilize many graphic design elements to enhance corporate identity. Digital video production services utilize graphic design technology such as illustration or 3D animation to create an interactive, virtual world that grabs the attention of every member of your audience and teaches them about your company. Dynamic Digital Advertising also provides many other graphic design services. Click here to see a full listing of all of our services.
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