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Keyword Research for Search Engine Optimization by Dynamic Digital Advertising
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Dynamic Digital Advertising's
Keyword Research for
Effective Website Marketing
and Promotion

Dynamic Digital Advertising was founded
in 1994 as one of the first website
developing companies in the nation to
combine search engine optimization
with professional custom website design,
marketing, and promotion. Serving local
areas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New
Jersey, Delaware, and New York, DDA
understands that for a website to market
and promote effectively, it must be search engine
optimized for a targeted audience through effective and extensive keyword research.

Keyword research focuses the search engine optimized content development of your business’s website and earns high search engine rankings on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. DDA-designed optimized websites help turn searchers into visitors who become customers. Keyword Research services at Dynamic Digital Advertising requires an understanding of what keyword phrases best reflect your business's products or services, who is searching for your business’s products or services, and why they are searching a particular set of search terms or phrases.

Keyword research is critical to the success of
an online business.

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN receive queries from searchers and return the most relevant matches for that particular keyword. The major search engines' entire reason for being and reputation is based upon accurate and relevant search results. Keyword research is critical to understanding the marketplace and developing websites that mirror search pattern reality. If your online business is not on the first page of the returned results for the terms on which your product or service is actually being searched then you are losing a large portion of your potential customers.

Traditionally, website designers and developers have ignored keyword targeted research entirely or have treated web content optimization as an entity segregated from custom website design, development, marketing, and promotion. But without the what, the who, and the why that is provided by keyword research, the entire website development process is in jeopardy of being irrelevant and ineffectual. A website's appearance, no matter how well executed, cannot compensate for a poorly researched and improperly targeted website.

What are the keyword phrases that will work best for your business?
The answer to this question seems fairly simple. For example, a teddy bear manufacturer in Philadelphia will not use a phrase such as ‘paragliding.’ But should this manufacturer use ‘bear’ or ‘stuffed bear’ or ‘plush bear?’ Dynamic Digital Advertising's Internet marketing specialists provide your online business with more than ‘good keywords,’ DDA provides search engine-optimized phrases that are highly-searched by large numbers of people around the world.

Who is searching for your business’ products or services?
Who is the targeted audience of the teddy bear manufacturer? If the manufacturer is trying to sell products to children and their parents, they do not want keywords such as ‘fragile antique teddy bear’ or ‘rabid killer grizzly bear’ but words such as ‘toy bear’ or ‘cuddly plush bear.’ Dynamic Digital Advertising works with you to target your potential customers in both phrase selection and generation of keyword-rich content development that matches search patterns and presents your product to the right searcher.

Why are people searching your online business’ selected keywords?
Search engine keywords can be used for multiple purposes. A searcher, for example, may be more interested in selling his own teddy bear rather than purchasing one from the manufacturer. Or perhaps they’re looking for the history of teddy bears or how to manufacture their own teddy bear. How do you know that a highly-searched phrase will generate the right business for you?

On your own, you probably don’t know. Dynamic Digital Advertising, on the other hand, provides a skilled and experienced team of researchers and web optimization content developers. They work together with the latest technology and optimization software to make sure that you have more than the most highly-searched terms. DDA makes sure that you have the most relevant phrases that will succeed in bringing your business to the top of the search engines and more business to your website.

Rely on Dynamic Digital Advertising to find the keyword phrases that make the designs of online businesses profitable, successful, highly-ranked by the search engines, and consistently visited by the targeted audience.

For over a decade, Dynamic Digital Advertising has been a pioneering company in the field of website design, development and construction with search engine marketing and website promotion and marketing. DDA also specializes in multimedia website, corporate website, e-commerce website design, digital photography, 3D modeling, virtual reality, marketing & branding, and much more to comprise Marketing in the 21st Century™.



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