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Competitive Marketing Strategy through Competitor Marketing Analysis by Dynamic Digital Advertising
Discover what Competitive Marketing Analysis can do for your company.

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Competitive Marketing
Strategy for a Competitive
Marketing Edge:
Dynamic Digital Advertising, Competitor
Marketing Analysis

Dynamic Digital Advertising was founded in
1994 as one of the first search engine
marketing companies to combine effective
search engine optimization and keyword-
rich content development with proprietary
website design. Based in the greater
Philadelphia area, Dynamic Digital Advertising, now a professional custom website design company, provides online business promotion with a competitive marketing edge to clients regionally in New Jersey, Delaware, and New York as well as clients throughout the United States.

The purpose of Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Competitor Marketing Analysis is to understand your competition and to help you understand what DDA will design and develop to help you rise above them. DDA employs high-end analysis of your competitors' website marketing strategy. DDA illuminates their strengths and weakness, determines what search engine keywords they target and how they rank, with whom they share reciprocal links, what their messages are, what information they provide, and what quality of overall user experience is available to their online visitors.

Dynamic Digital Advertising uses Competitor Marketing Analysis to design, develop, and promote online businesses with a competitive edge. In the race for businesses to attract prospective customers in the online realm, competition is fierce: so fierce that only the businesses that engage an aggressive Internet marketing strategy rise to the top of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

The reality of competition on the Internet is this: you need a well-researched and properly- formatted approach to promote your business in the online world.

Why is online competition among businesses so fierce?

The Internet has revolutionized the way businesses present themselves. Search engines have changed the ways potential customers find companies with whom they want to do business. Businesses must compete with each other through effective use of the major search engines. However, instead of small businesses competing locally while large corporations compete internationally, businesses today rival each other regardless of size and location.

Dynamic Digital Advertising offers Competitor Marketing Analysis programs for the custom design and development of websites that stand above your competition.

Thorough analysis is instrumental in helping a company plot its positioning through search engine optimization and energetic online marketing. DDA's skilled and experienced Internet marketing specialists perform in-depth research and reporting to help devise the best tactics for the promotion and success of online businesses.

The result: a comprehensive understanding of who your competitors are and what their websites are offering your shared prospective customers.

The benefit of the result: Dynamic Digital Advertising develops a website that is superior in creating the right impression, supplying the appropriate information, developing high search engine rankings, and providing an enjoyable and remarkable overall user experience.

Dynamic Digital Advertising’s designers, developers, writers, and researchers are part of a team that employs an aggressive Internet marketing strategy in every aspect of a website’s construction. DDA propels your online business to search engine rankings above those of your competitors. With Dynamic Digital Advertising, major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN will rank your business higher because the information you offer is more extensive, better presented, and precisely targeted to customers searching for your product or service. Dynamic Digital Advertising also gives your business an advantage by developing a corporate identity with a professional design that presents a better image for your business.

Competitive Marketing Strategy for a Competitive Marketing Edge:
Dynamic Digital Advertising, Competitor Marketing Analysis.




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If direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising is a part of your medical marketing strategies, then DDA Medical, a national and global medical marketing and advertising agency, will help you bring your product to market, spread awareness, and target the right demographic for broad-based appeal. Or if business-to-business pharmaceutical advertising is your focus, DDA Medical can help you effectively reach and market to investors, wholesale distributors, and/or healthcare organizations. Through DDA Medical’s integrated medical marketing approach, we are able to market your products on a variety of media fronts including, television, print, and the web. Our advertising ideas for the pharmaceutical industry are proven to help companies gain exposure and have an impact on the way physicians treat patients. Learn more by clicking on one of the following professional pharmaceutical advertising services: Medical Website Design and Development, Medical Video Production, Medical Print Design, Medical Trade Show Graphics.
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Video production has never been easier with the newly reinvented process pioneered by Dynamic Digital Advertising’s (DDA) video production company and full-service advertising agency. DDA’s seemingly endless list of Corporate Video and Medical Video production services include storyboarding, scriptwriting, video editing, special effects (FX), 2D and 3D animations, and more. For exceptional Website Spokesperson Videos, Testimonial Videos, New Product Launch Videos, there is only one company that can deliver high caliber video productions at a price that will not break your budget. Contact DDA today.
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High-end graphic design technology has helped Dynamic Digital Advertising lead the field of digital marketing for Philadelphia and the entire United States. Digital video production is just one of the many digital marketing services offered by DDA. Graphic design services such as 3D animation, illustration, CGI and virtual reality can be incorporated into digital videos for a more professional presentation. Dynamic Digital Advertising also uses digital videos, uploaded to streaming format, to enhance the aesthetic design and functionality of corporate websites.
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