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Website Metrics by
Dynamic Digital Advertising

Since 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising,
a professional custom website design
company, has continually adopted and
employed the latest technology in an
ongoing effort to take a scientific
approach to understanding and
improving the art of website design and
website development. DDA was one of
the first companies in the country to
integrate organic search engine
marketing and optimization into custom
website design and website development
and to utilize analytics in the quest to
understand, improve, and perfect website
usability and marketing.

The result is the evolution of an online business that
climbs to the top of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. DDA-designed websites provide the world class user experience that converts visitors into customers. By using the most sophisticated metrics software available, Dynamic Digital Advertising tracks the cookie crumb trail visitors leave behind to make sure that your website is maximizing its visitor conversion potential.

What Can Website Metrics do for Me?
You want to be absolutely certain that your corporate website is producing the desired results. You should already have a traffic report that indicates the number of visitors you receive, the length of their stays, and the search engines they are using to find you. But how do you know those visitors are coming into the website at the proper entrances, leaving at the proper exits, and, in between, clicking along the pathways that will turn them into customers, patients, or clients?

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One of the cutting-edge tools that Dynamic Digital Advertising uses to make websites work is sophisticated metric tracking software that analyzes each visitor's movement and illuminates weaknesses, obstacles, and ambiguities of the website. Metrics tell DDA’s technicians where visitors are entering, what pages they are viewing, what actions they are taking, and for how long they are engaging in those actions. Metrics allows you to observe, understand, and react. Weaknesses can be eliminated and strengths can be enhanced.

What Clients Use Website Analytics?
Sophisticated metric tracking software refines the website marketing and promotion process. Whether DDA is serving a client who needs retrofitting and improving of an existing website, or a client who needs researching, designing, and developing a website from scratch, website metrics plays a critical role in gathering, explaining, and utilizing data.

The client who needs retrofitting has designed his own website or has let a solo designer with limited technical resources develop a poorly optimized corporate website. Not receiving the high search engine rankings or the increased ROI, they come to DDA for free website analysis. Dynamic Digital Advertising uses the metric tracking software to determine what weaknesses are leading to poor results. At this point, DDA can either retrofit his website to improve optimization, design, and ranking, or DDA can build a new website from the ground up, which grants the client access to services from optimized web content research and development to secure and reliable website hosting.

The client who needs an online business has contracted Dynamic Digital Dynamic to develop a completely new corporate website. Through careful analysis of the needs of a client, DDA plans and constructs a website that rises to the top of major search engines and attracts the right type of searchers: ones who ultimately become visitors then customers. Then, Dynamic Digital Advertising uses metrics software to spot any weaknesses that the experienced website development team may have overlooked during the initial development.

Dynamic Digital Advertising understands that the launch of a website does not mean that the work is done. Metrics is part of the package because an online business must succeed tomorrow, not just today. Metrics is an invaluable tool to both DDA and its clients and is utilized as such. Based in the greater Philadelphia area, Dynamic Digital Advertising serves clients nationally and locally in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware with a comprehensive custom website design and website development package that makes sure that online businesses work.



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Philadelphia’s foremost graphic design company, Dynamic Digital Advertising, provides the tools necessary for strengthening corporate identity. Marketing and branding graphic design must produce an image that accumulates goodwill within your target markets as well as the general public. A corporate identity that is both pleasant and trustworthy in the public eye increases the response rates of customers to your marketing campaign. DDA’s graphic design teams utilizes digital photography, illustration, website design, print graphic design, and logo graphic design, just to name a few, to generate the identities that companies want. Furthermore, Dynamic Digital Advertising can offer companies all the graphic design and marketing materials essential for experiencing a more significant level of success.
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