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Post-launch Optimization by Dynamic Digital Advertising for Website Design and Development

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Website Design & Development

Post-Launch Optimization for
Website Design and Website
Development by Dynamic
Digital Advertising

Since 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising,
a professional website design company,
has been integrating organic search
engine optimization
into the proprietary
design and development process.
Effective design and development
includes the implementation of
optimization research as well as
architecture, navigation, content, design,
and build out. The result is superior
marketing and promotion. By the end of
the design and development process,
Dynamic Digital Advertising, Philadelphia's
leading website design and development
company, has constructed an online
business featuring world-class design,
smooth navigability, easily-accessed
information, and high-end optimization.
DDA-designed websites earn major first
page rankings from major search engines,
like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Immediately
after launch, DDA continues the development
process by using an excellent platform for advanced optimization.

Advanced post-launch optimization may include keyword-rich information modules, localization programs, keyword-targeted silos, targeted back-linking, and a range of DDA’s semi-proprietary strategies. Dynamic Digital Advertising never employs spam or trickery that attempts to fool Google, Yahoo, or MSN into providing artificially high rankings. These quick-fix strategies may work today but will not work tomorrow. Once a search engine discovers these tricks, the site may be doomed to demerits or even blackballing. DDA, a pioneer in website design, utilizes genuine and effective techniques that will achieve high rankings on the Internet of today as well as the Internet of tomorrow.

Advanced versus Standard Website Optimization
Most custom website design and website development companies do not employ organic search engine optimization, but if they do, they use only a standard form. Dynamic Digital Advertising is not aware of any other design and development companies that currently utilize and integrate available technology in the same way as DDA. The standard level revolves around removing obstacles and adding linking to improve the access of search engine spiders. This standard level does benefit search engine rankings but is generally employed as a retrofit process and is increasingly ineffectual in obtaining the first page rankings necessary for successful online marketing.

At Dynamic Digital Advertising, the website designers and developers integrate standard optimization into the initial development process to ensure that there are no blockages. Additionally, keyword research of online search patterns is used to target the correct keywords, develop architecture and navigation, and develop highly-optimized, keyword-rich content. The result is relevant, focused, and powerful from a search engine point of view. While some companies begin optimization only after launch, DDA immediately begins to use sophisticated metric tracking software to understand:

  • How the site is being received and ranked by major search engines.
  • How potential visitors are searching and utilizing the Internet.
  • How visitors are traversing and experiencing the newly-launched site.

By combining then utilizing these three categories of information, Dynamic Digital Advertising has the ability to apply significant improvements to the website on an ongoing basis. DDA continues to build rankings, attract the right visitors, provide enhanced user experiences, and convert them successfully into clients or customers.

The post-launch process at Dynamic Digital Advertising is more than a conventional retrofit process that attempts to fix problems created by conventional designers. The companies who focus on optimization only in the post-launch process expend large amounts of time and energy in trying to minimize the negative effects of the compromised platform or mitigate poor search engine marketing design. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s integrated development process results in platforms that create maximized shelf life, scalability, and search engine potential. DDA implements the tools for effective search engine ranking pre-launch, and post-launch to utilize the appropriateness and the strength of the platform and continually improve already significant search engine rankings.

Dynamic Digital Advertising is Pennsylvania’s premier search engine marketing and custom website design company. One of the only developers to combine search engine marketing with functional design, DDA serves clients in regions such as Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware as well as across the nation. Rely on Dynamic Digital Advertising to start your online business on the right foot and to continue it with proper post-launch optimization. DDA builds correctly from the beginning to ensure durability on the Internet today and tomorrow.



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