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Custom website design and development services by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware
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Website Usability Analysis
by Dynamic Digital Advertising
for Website Design and
Website Development

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is a
professional custom website design
company located in the greater
metropolitan area of Philadelphia. Since
1994, DDA has been designing,
developing, and launching user-friendly
and intuitive online businesses for a
broad range of industries from small
mom-and-pop shops to large
corporations nationally and locally in
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York,
and Delaware.

To Be Sure™ Website Usability Analysis
was developed by Dynamic Digital
Advertising to provide high-end, expert
examination at cost effective prices for
companies of all sizes. To Be Sure™ was
first introduced in 2000, before people
had a clear understanding of what website
usability testing really meant. Even then DDA knew
this program would be incredibly useful when consistently integrated into the design and development process.

What is Website Usability Analysis?
Dynamic Digital Advertising’s To Be Sure™ Website Usability Analysis helps refine navigation, user-experience, promotion, and involves everything from user movement reports, to user surveys, to expert observation, to focus groups, to site navigation analysis, to site design appearance and functionality. Simply put, DDA’s To Be Sure™ program comprises three levels of website usability testing: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Bronze - DDA website architects and designers review then pinpoint weaknesses, blockages, and inconsistencies in the navigation, architecture, and presentation that inhibit intuitive usability.

Silver - A series of individual testers are given strategic assignments for surveying the site. Times and issues that correspond with the assignment are recorded.

Gold - A focus group is videotaped for discussion and feedback. In this stage, DDA must understand the user profile as well as that profile’s range, and then test that range to determine how effective, user-friendly, consistent, and intuitive the website will be at launch.

Advantages of Website Usability Testing
Too often, visitors are disappointed by websites and return to the first page results of major search engines to continue hunting for a site that provides them with what they are searching for. Dynamic Digital Advertising integrates information in manageable modules at a pace visitors can control. Multiple levels of information allow the inquisitive to dig deeper and the less curious to retrieve everything they need in a timely fashion.

DDA’s optimization technicians make every effort to propel your online business to the first pages of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. However, high ranking is not enough. To achieve success, visitors must be able to navigate the site easily, absorb the information quickly, and come to the conclusion the company desires. For this reason, testing is critical. As a leading professional custom website design company, DDA’s To Be Sure™ Website Usability Analysis program provides concrete data to reduce problem areas, eliminate inconsistencies, and improve the site for the optimal usability.


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Dynamic Digital Advertising is a leading provider of graphic design services through the purveyance of a skilled, in-house graphic design team capable of designing graphics for everything from corporate CD-ROM/DVD presentations to print media. DDA’s graphic design services for CD-ROMs and DVDs provides corporate presentations that feature 3D animation, illustration, and digital photography which enhance your presentation with the extra edge necessary for holding an audience’s attention. Print graphic design for media such as brochures and sell sheets can utilize digital photography and CGI to provide memorable material for your audience. These two offerings are just a small component of DDA’s comprehensive digital marketing services.
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