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Which Type of Table Covering Is Right for You?
Can't Decide? Let DDA Help.

Table Covers

Let Us Guide You in Your Quest for the Perfect Table Covering
Choosing the right table skirt, cover, or fitted cover from a large selection, like ours, is bound to be difficult. Let Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), a custom web design and development company, guide you in the right direction. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure that you pick one that complements your company, corporate identity, as well as your product.

First Thing's First...Decide What Kind of Table Covering You Want
You must take a look at why you need a table skirt, table throw, or fitted table cover in the first place. Is the event formal or informal? Does it take place during the day or the night? Do you want the table covering to be simple or sophisticated? In the case that you may need to grab stuff under the table, will the table covering be in your way? Would you like the table to directly display your company's logo? Think about these questions and more as we make our way to picking the perfect type of table covering.

Second in Line...Pick the Table Covering that Fits the Occasion
Now that you've given that some thought, let's clarify some details. Table skirts are an ideal way to decorate tables with an aesthetic appeal. Skirting is ideal for functions pertaining to weddings, banquets, holiday parties, country clubs, and other formal occasions. Typically the economy table covers are ideal for trade shows, since they have only three-sides. This makes them ideal for hiding boxes and setup gear under the table without showing the mess to your potential clients. Fitted table covers are similar to table skirts but do not require attachment to the tables.

Third to Keep in Mind...You Make the Final Call for Your Table Covering
This step-by-step guide is merely a suggestion. If you would like to have a table skirt as part of your trade show decoration, then so be it. Similarly, many people prefer having the economy table throw, which is three-sided, as opposed to having the full table throw covering their folding tables. Or in some cases, people prefer having the simple look and feel of the full table throw at their formal functions. It's all a matter of preference really.

Call 215-355-6442 for large format graphic design services

Call 215-355-6442 and let us guide you further in the right direction.