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Corporate Video Production by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware

Engage. Communicate. Influence. Motivate.
        With DDA’s Corporate Video Production

Everything you need for successful marketing video production is available under one roof with some of the best staff the industry has to offer. As a full service digital corporate video production company, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) can manage all aspects of corporate video production from initial concept, script writing, and storyboarding, to getting the right actors or models, to shooting, directing, and editing, and ultimately to duplication, design, and packaging.

Choose from DDA’s array of
corporate video production styles:

Corporate Video Production
conveys messages to members of your staff throughout the organization and potential clients alike. Whether for internal or external use, DDA’s corporate video production communicates new ideas or concepts, changes in staff or organization structure, as well as appreciation for work well done.


Corporate video showcase

Conference and Event Video Production
captures the atmosphere and discussion in partner, client, or staff conferences, informative seminars, and major company events. DDA’s streaming video production enables executives in remote locations to participate in the proceedings.

Promotional Video Production
Promotional Video Production serves as a great extension to your promotional campaign. Showcase products and demonstrate services through Dynamic Digital Advertising’s unique and creative corporate video production strategies.

Executive Summary Video Production
Executive Summary Video Production eliminates the need for lengthy annual or semiannual expense reports. Few people actually take the time to read confusing written reports. With DDA’s executive summary video production, members of your staff receive the most pertinent information in a straightforward manner.

Training Video Production
Training Video Production gives new employees the information they need to succeed in your organization. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s training videos can also be a great way to keep current employees up-to-date on procedure and company policy.

Educational Video Production
Educational Video Production is ideal for teaching people who learn visually. DDA’s videographers can incorporate multimedia graphics, technical demonstrations, and more for an enhanced understanding of a concept.

Call 215-355-6442 for Corporate Video Production

Before Getting Started Ask Yourself…

  1. How can you sell the idea to your boss?
  2. What are your business or organization goals?
  3. Who is the targeted audience?
  4. Will your audience watch?
  5. Where and how will your audience watch?
  6. Is a video the best medium to meet your goal?
  7. What do you hope your audience gains from watching?


We have the experiance YOU need
In 1998, DDA invested in digital video cameras, which has allowed us to digitally record broadcast quality corporate videos. Years of experience enable us to provide you with the best video production available. All footage is digitally recorded in-house or on-location for efficient video editing production. This efficient process lowers costs and maintains the integrity of the original version even when converted to other mediums. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s in-house 3D animators can create innovation designs specific to your requirements that can enhance an idea, put logos or images in motion, and illustrate technical processes and operations. We can edit and convert your old VHS tapes to modern CD-ROMs, DVDs, and more so you can keep successful marketing videos running. We are able to compress videos for streaming on the web, which allows a broader audience base to view important corporate messages at a time that is most convenient for them.

Score BIG, when you shoot with
                   Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Corporate Video Production.

Need a new marketing and promotional plan… or do you want to revise your existing strategy? Dynamic Digital Advertising has what you need to make sure that your company thrives in the technological marketplace. Our scriptwriters can generate content that engages an audience and conveys your message appropriately. DDA’s videographers produce broadcast quality videos that work for a range of media applications. When deciding the right digital corporate video production company to present your ideas, consider the one-on-one interaction and the extreme capabilities of DDA.

Call Dynamic Digital Advertising for a
Corporate Video quote at 215-355-6442


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