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Custom Calendar Design by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware

Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Custom Website Programming for Online Functionality

Equip your website with the tools that can help drive your online business for higher levels of success. Invest in custom website programming from a professional graphic design and website design firm, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). We can build customized databases for accessing, sorting, and manipulating pertinent information, shopping carts for any type of online store, and Intranet sites for improved internal communication.

In the digital world, programmers are to websites just as mechanics are to vehicles. When your car has a complicated problem, you take it to a shop for repair. When your website needs specific functionality, you take it to a professional for enhancement. DDA employs qualified programmers who create and maintain databases, shopping carts, Intranet sites, and more in Microsoft 's SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Coldfusion, JavaScript, PHP, Perl and ASP.

Let DDA be the mechanic that helps your website run consistently and reliably for maximum performance; call today.

Website Database Programming
Want a comprehensive database that compiles a variety of information? DDA can custom program databases that are as basic as a list of users, their user names, and login information or as complex as a directory of several thousand products in hundreds of categories and subcategories. We are skilled in a variety of web site programming languages including ColdFusion, Javascript, and ASP for the purpose of developing, managing, and maintaining databases of any size or scale regardless of application.



Website E-commerce Programming
Need e-commerce capabilities to do more than market your products? Skilled and experienced programmers at DDA can transform your brick-and-mortar business into a web-enabled company that shares many of the same characteristics, functions, and processes. Whether you need a simple request for a quote or complete shopping, payment, and fulfillment capabilities, DDA tailors programs to suit your specific industry.

Website Intranet Programming
Prefer to have a website with limited access for employees, suppliers, partners, or other organizational members? Dynamic Digital Advertising designs and programs Intranet sites for companies to share sensitive information internally over a secure network connection or securely across the World Wide Web. Send emails, transfer files via FTP, download forms and files, receive HR and policy information, check electronic calendars, access memos and newsletters, or simply browse web pages and correspond with other employees. DDA’s programmers are proficient in creating a broad range of programs to improve overall communication within organizations large and small.



No matter what your wants, needs, or preferences are, Dynamic Digital Advertising’s professional custom website design and programming services can provide you with the tools that offer greater functionality and versatility.

call 215-355-6442 for custom website programming

Contact DDA to make your website work
exactly the way you choose.




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In addition to exceptional custom programming services, DDA offers a variety of custom web design and development services. Not only can we program your database and e-commerce shopping cart, but also we can implement these tool into a unique web site design tailored to your preferences and needs. By offering the full range of services, we are able to maintain consistency from one medium to the next so your corporate image is always presented in the best light. Our custom web site design services are far reaching; click below for more information.
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Want to improve your promotional materials at the same time as your Intranet, Extranet, and Internet? With Dynamic Digital Advertising, a full-service custom web site and graphic design firm, you can do just that. At DDA, we know how important it is for you to represent your company with a consistent image across all marketing media. For this reason, we offer a broad range of custom graphic design, website design, and programming services to not only build a website and program it to include all the necessary tools, but also to create the graphic design for a variety of print media.
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