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Video Editing and Audio/Visual Special Effects at DDA

DDA Post Production Process Features the Latest in Special Effects FX Technology

Do you want to create a corporate video that grabs the attention of your target audience; a video that demonstrates your business's commitment to professionalism and innovation? Then take advantage of the premier video production company, DDA, with a postproduction studio featuring the very latest in advanced techniques and equipment for video and audio special effects (FX).

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, DDA has consistently proven itself as one of the most innovative video production companies, eagerly adopting the latest technology, and even creating new techniques through our unique process of Interactive Integration™. With DDA, the special effects (FX) you can add to your corporate video or film are virtually limitless. Constantly striving to be at the cutting edge of digital video production, DDA's studio features the latest in postproduction and editing equipment, as well as a staff of talented and degreed specialists trained in the latest techniques. DDA is the only video production company prepared to reinvent video editing if necessary to satisfy the needs of your corporate video bring your imagination to life.

DDA Has the Equipment and the Talented Staff to Create Powerful Corporate Videos
Special effects (FX) add drama and create interest in any corporate video, whether it is a Medical Video, Product Launch Video, Infomercial, Educational or Seminar Video, Trade Show Video, Webmercial, Television (TV) Commercial, Website Spokesperson Video or any other video. DDA is not just a video production company, we are a digital marketing company, so we understand that corporate videos, in order to be effective, need to hold the attention of your target market. There is no better way to create a buzz around your product, company, or event, than by adding the advanced special effects (FX) offered by DDA's postproduction studio.

Not Only Special Effects FX DDA Offers Comprehensive Video Production Services
Not only does DDA offer the most advanced techniques of postproduction and special effects (FX), we can take care of the entire production process of your corporate video from beginning to end. DDA's other services include:

  • Conceptual development
  • Storyboarding
  • Scriptwriting or script and screenplay development
  • Scheduling
  • Casting Actors and Actresses
  • On-location Filming
  • Shooting in-house Studio
  • Shooting in a Studio near you
  • Editing

Create your corporate video or film with DDA for the latest techniques of special effects (FX) editing and postproduction available. Whether you need a video for a website or a company webpage, or you need your corporate film on DVD or CD-ROM to be used as a mail-out or hand out at tradeshows, DDA is the only video production studio equipped to meet all of your company's needs and surpass your every expectation.


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