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Digital Video Casting Services at DDA

DDA's Casting Services
Find the Right Talent
for your Company Video

The right voice has the power to lure and convince; an attractive face can comfort or command respect. DDA is a production and casting company all in one. We utilize our extensive network of contacts within the acting and directing community in order to find the right talent that suits your corporate or business video. Whether you are making a commercial, creating a product launch, trade show, demonstration, or training video, the right talent can set your video apart and truly hold the attention of your target audience.

With DDA, You Make the Ultimate Decision
When you work with DDA to produce your business video, you are tapped into a vast network of resources and talent agencies in the Philadelphia Metro area, as well as throughout Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE), and New York (NY). We assemble a select group of talented actors, actresses, directors, and voice actors for you to choose from. Our actors have had experience ranging from television (TV) commercials, educational films, voice-over work, theater, play-acting, modeling, and more. From preproduction to postproduction, you are in charge and the ultimate decision of talent is up to you; you decide what voice and face is the best representative of your business, corporation, or product.

DDA is a Production and Casting Company that Connects you to Many Talent Agencies
When you choose DDA to help locate the right talent for your corporate or business video, you do not get the resources of one talent or casting agency, but many. While other production studios may hold open casting calls, we at DDA, have connections with talent agents throughout the Pennsylvania (PA), New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Delaware (DE) regions. Whether you are searching for child actors to play children's or kids' roles, pharmaceutical, or commercial actors and actresses, we do all the legwork and make all the calls to find the perfect talent for your business's film.

You May be Your Best Advocate:
In some cases, our clients decide that the best representative for their company or product isn't a professional actor or model, but rather themselves or one of their colleagues. The best productions of business videos, commercials, and films occur when the talent feels strongly about a subject; the people closest to a company or product, whether they are CEO's, inventors, doctors, or sales peoples, are often the most articulate and passionate advocates for their corporate video. At DDA, we encourage our clients to choose the best representation for their business film and support that decision with experienced and talented direction.

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