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Post Production Video Services at DDA

Get Big Studio Quality on an Independent Film Budget with the Post Production Services of DDA

Successful companies know that every piece of marketing material is a reflection of their corporate values and the quality of their products. That is why it is imperative that every piece of marketing material represents the highest quality possible. In a world where consumers are confronted with over 17,000 advertisements a day, a corporate video can potentially set your company apart, and capture the attention of your target audience. DDA's staff, consisting of degreed, experienced, video technicians, lighting and audio specialists, illustrators, copywriters, graphic designers, animators, web designers, and more, can create a corporate video that integrates corporate branding for a powerful and professional film.

DDA is on the cutting edge of technology and post production techniques to produce the most advanced corporate videos
You know that in order to stay competitive in today's business world, you have to invest in your company; at DDA, we feel the same way. We spend time and money on the latest video production equipment in order to keep DDA and our clients at the forefront of the business world. Your product can only be as advanced as the company that creates your corporate video. DDA continually pushes technological boundaries by using the most advanced equipment, computers, and software available and by combining technology to invent entirely new techniques of video production. Throughout the Pennsylvania (PA), New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), and Delaware (DE) regions, there is no other production company that appreciates advancing technology more than DDA. Our in-house studio, located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (PA), a suburb of Philadelphia, is stocked with the latest devices for enhanced digital video recording, editing, animation, and special effects. We also ensure that we remain competitive by equipping our mobile recording unit, used for on-location shoots, with the same high-tech gear to guarantee the best quality recording for your business or corporate video no matter where you are.

Advanced Equipment and Expert People Make DDA, the Philadelphia (PA) Area's Premier Video Production Company
Having high-tech equipment without trained professionals trained to use it, is like creating a fantastic new product without advertising: Useless. That is why DDA actively recruits the most talented people in the field to join our team, with the knowledge and skills necessary to utilize the full potential of DDA's video production equipment. Not only do we recruit talent, but we also encourage staff members to increase their knowledge and enhance their repertoire of skills by continually learning about the constantly evolving field of corporate video production. Our team members are experienced with the latest in software, as well as sound, lighting, editing, animation, and video recording equipment available.

Utilize DDA's Integrated Services for the Effortless Production of your Corporate or Business Video
With DDA video production services, you can have it all under one roof. Unlike other video production companies, DDA does it all; from conceptual planning and storyboarding, shooting, editing, special effects (FX), and animation, to production of CD-Rom, DVD, or streaming web video. DDA's unique ability to offer the full range of video production services has revolutionized the process, making simpler, faster, and more affordable. You can plan, film, and edit your corporate video, and use the same company to integrate the video into a website or create an entirely new website by using DDA's web development services. One outstanding company for superior video products and one integrated marketing message. Select DDA for the highest-quality corporate video and digital advertising products.


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