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A preferred custom website design company based in southeastern Pennsylvania, Dynamic Digital Advertising has prepared a professional website design and website development process that combines fourteen important steps. Following each of these steps is imperative for procuring better placements on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN as well as for converting a meaningful number of visitors into investors, partners, or customers. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s professional website design process utilizes tools like planned architecture, search engine optimization, copywriting, competitor marketing analysis, and keyword research services, and even includes post-launch benefits such as web site usability analysis, sophisticated metrics tracking, and excellent website hosting options.
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Offering one of the largest graphic design service listings in the United States, Dynamic Digital Advertising, a leading graphic design company, is dedicated to developing the marketing media its clients need. Dynamic Digital Advertising relies on digital technology as well as the skills of many on-staff graphic design artists to construct graphic designs for packaging, trade show displays, CD-ROMs and DVDs, e-commerce website storefronts, posters, truck and bus signs, virtual reality tours, digital videos, and much more. With DDA’s graphic design abilities behind your promotional campaign, your business is sure to experience a higher level of advertising profitability.
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Enhance Video Quality with Editing and Production Services by Dynamic Digital Advertising  
Present your audience with a higher quality video through digital video editing and production services by Dynamic Digital Advertising. Digital video editing and production is performed in-house on DDA’ s technologically advanced editing equipment. Whether your video is for promotional campaigns, education, or corporate training and presentation, DDA grants you access to the technology and skill you need.

Dynamic Digital Advertising provides the professional digital
video editing and production services you need for
broadcast-quality footage
. Call DDA to hear more or continue
reading to learn more about the benefits of digital video editing.

Higher Resolution and Brighter Colors
DDA enhances or decreases the vibrancy of objects or people, thereby drawing the eye to a main focal point. The result is broadcast-quality color and resolution that is true-to-life, if not better. Impress your audience with footage that appears to have been recorded in a big-budget television studio. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s digital editing and production process does not require costly and quality-degrading film. All shooting and editing is done digitally to retain and enhance visual images before being recorded on VHS, CD-ROM, and DVD or compressed and uploaded to streaming format for your custom website.

More Realistic Sound Effects
Professional digital editing by DDA allows your audience to hear sound as though they were actually in the room with the speaker or music. By filtering and refining sound quality, a listener is able to focus on the primary voice while hearing the ambient background noises that create a realistic environment. Digital editing also allows DDA videographers to add and remove sound effects.

Multi-layer Audio and Visual Effects
An unlimited number of layers can be placed on top of one another, creating sequences that are rich with animated characters, live footage, spoken words, musical clips, still images, and more. Impress your audience with multiple layers of sounds and images. DDA’s professional videography team is experienced in blending numerous audio and visual tracks according to clients’ specifications.


Digital Video Editing and Production for Nexus

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our video editing and production

Last-Minute Editing and Post-Production Editing
Digital editing provides extreme flexibility. If your company discontinues a product or service, Dynamic Digital Advertising can simply remove that sequence from the video. If your company begins a new product line or corporate division, DDA will record new footage and seamlessly integrate the new material with the old.

Tighter Integration of Multiple Media
Clients who request that video be incorporated into multimedia CD-ROMs or DVDs will find that all sequences, whether live action or animated, flow seamlessly. With DDA’s digital editing technology, live actors can interact with on-screen animations while a user interacts with other elements on-screen. DDA creates virtual worlds that enhance corporate images as well as user retention and recall rates.

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Higher Durability of Quality
No matter how many times you show a video that has been produced on CD-ROM or DVD, the sound and picture quality never degrades. VHS tapes and other types of film will eventually show dirt or scratches. Dynamic Digital Advertising can cost-effectively produce your video on all three media which provides you with flexibility in making presentations. Additionally, clients who find that their CD-ROM or VHS tape has been damaged can easily order new copies of the original video from DDA.

Call Dynamic Digital Advertising today to begin benefiting from our digital editing and production services today.