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Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Custom Programming Services for Corporate Extranet Document Library Solutions

Don’t just access information: manage it with Extranet document libraries custom programmed by Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), Philadelphia’s preferred Extranet designer. An Extranet document library is a self-contained area developed for searching and managing all kinds of digital files for both internal and external use. Not only are all of your office documents organized, but they are also protected and accessible with your control. Read on or contact DDA directly for more information on our Extranet services and to find out how corporate Extranet libraries can be a viable solution for your organization.

Store and retrieve documents such as…
• Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
• Technical Specifications
• Drawings
• Product Sales Sheets
• Pricing Sheets
• Customer Forms
• Prospectus
• Reports
• And more!

Advantages of Building an Extranet Document Library:

Organize Documents – Every organization has an extensive array of documents that pertain to their entire business well as each department within that business. As a result it can be challenging for both external and internal members of your organization to find critical documents in a timely fashion. An effective way to organize files for everyone is through an Extranet document library.

For this Extranet application to be a viable solution it is important to organize each file into relevant categories. DDA helps clients develop an organizational hierarchy that helps your users access the information they need. This hierarchy can be based on areas of interest as well as position within the corporate infrastructure.

Search for Documents – Once documents have been organized, categorized, and uploaded, your Extranet library will quickly become a useful and efficient resource for users since all file contents and meta-data in your library are searchable. DDA can program the Extranet library to search by document title, company department, and area of interest. With multiple search queries, you can ensure that people will find exactly what they need when they need it.

By searching for documents within an Extranet library, sales representatives are able to confer with customers and show product information in real time via laptop, blackberry, or other medium. The sales rep can then accept and place the order as conversation continues. In another scenario, your marketing team can search for PDF’s, product sales sheets, etc. to develop a new PowerPoint Presentation or CD-ROM/DVD Presentation. These are just a few examples of how searchable Extranet libraries can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency.

Manage Documents – Distributors, independent sales representatives, employees, consultants, and customers can search for documents that pertain to their unique needs, however, in some instances you may not want a specific user to see another user’s documents. Directly control what information users can and cannot search through login-based applications, which grant access rights that match the users' roles and responsibilities. At DDA, we can custom program your Extranet document library to allow different levels of access within the corporate infrastructure and therefore limited access to documents. We can set up approval rules before documents are accepted into the library. In addition, we can provide check-in and check-out functionality so you don’t overwrite another’s work and visitors are guaranteed the latest version.

DDA is competent in all facets of Extranet technology design and development to provide you with the ability to manage the operation of your business more effectively. For your corporate Extranet design and development, rely on the skill of the professionals at DDA: call now.


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