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DDA’ s Custom Extranet Programming:
Downloadable Applications

A few months ago, your company sold several thousand copies of a software program, a new piece of equipment, a firmware application, etc. Now your product development department, quality control team, customer service staff, or technical support people may be finding flaws, glitches, and other problems while designing ways of improving the product.

Now what? How do you enhance a product that has already been distributed?

Simple: put a downloadable application on a secure Extranet by Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). By providing custom programming solutions through an Extranet, DDA allows you to offer program upgrades and support to people already doing business with your company.

Strengthen business relationships by putting downloadable applications at a user’s fingertips. Call Dynamic Digital Advertising to learn about Extranet solutions today.

Downloadable Extranet Applications for Software and Firmware
Corporate Extranets provide a secure portal where authenticated users can download new software and firmware programs. Whether you are a software vendor or an OEM, Extranets help you serve your customer by providing them with upgrades, patches, and other fixes. Don’t give new programs to just anyone. Dynamic Digital Advertising builds Extranets that are a safe and efficient environment for providing software and firmware updates to people actually doing business with your company.

Programming Services for Extranet-based Product Demos
Your customers need to know how your product works. Applications for product demos can be downloaded through an Extranet for easy viewing by an authenticated audience. DDA designs secure Extranets to show current customers, sales reps, vendors, and others how your product is operated.

Build an Extranet to Open New Sales Channels
Your company should be searching constantly for cost-effective ways of gaining new customers. Extranets allow general Internet users to sign-up by providing personal information and then to download a trial version of a program. Dynamic Digital Advertising develops this Extranet application to provide you with contact information for prospects who have seen your product and are therefore more likely to become your customer.

Custom Programming for Extranet Security
One of the biggest benefits of Extranets is that they prevent the general public and corporate spies from seeing, stealing, or copying ideas, business models, program information, and more. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Extranets are programmed to require user authentication which allows your company to control who can see and download applications. Additionally, login-based application technology allows you to provide multiple levels of access. Employees, for example, may traverse seamlessly between your corporate Intranet and Extranet. Independent sales reps, however, may see only one portion of the Extranet and may be prevented from accessing the sections designed for suppliers, retailers, or investors.

Dynamic Digital Advertising offers custom web programming for Extranet solutions such as downloadable applications and many more. Call today to learn about the exciting programs DDA can build to help you serve customers, build relationships, and protect ideas.


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Dynamic Digital Advertising is accomplished in building functional and aesthetic Extranets not because we provide state-of-the-art programming services but because we are a major custom website design company. At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we have developed a proprietary website design and website development process of fourteen individual phases. Each phase has been specifically-engineered by professional website developers to do everything from providing an easily-navigable website architecture to offering highly-visible conversion mechanisms that turn website visitors into customers, partners, or investors.
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With the number of companies that are aggressively competing to win over your customers and potential customers, your business needs high-end advertising media with compelling corporate imagery that grabs attention and creates a need for your company’s product or service. Dynamic Digital Advertising is the graphic design firm who can provide the designs and materials you need to compete effectively because we are a full-service advertising agency who carries one of the most extensive graphic design service offerings in the U.S.
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