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You have all the information necessary to bring a project to life, whether its technical specifications, images, CAD drawings, etc. The problem is you have this information and you don’t know how to get it to the people who need it. If you’ve tried emailing large documents, you’ve probably found that the file was simply to large to compress, send, and be received in a timely manner, if it was received at all. And sending disks or hard copies through mail or a delivery service is too costly in both time and money.

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) solves these problems by programming and building custom FTP websites. FTP or File Transfer Protocol websites allow parties to upload and download large electronic files with the speed necessary for doing business in today’s competitive marketplace. Strengthen your lines of communication with DDA’s custom programming services for secure FTP websites. Call us today to learn more.

File Transfer Protocol websites connect companies and partners, sales reps and marketers, designers and manufacturers, and more. Similar to a Intranet document library , FTP websites provide a secure area where people associated with your company can upload, manipulate, or download files. Some of the benefits of this Extranet tool include:

Security through Extranet Access Control
Dynamic Digital Advertising programs login-based applications so you can control who accesses and sees files. The first level of Extranet security blocks anyone not affiliated with your project, company, or partners. The next level of secure Extranet allows people to upload or download files, but restricts their ability to manipulate them within the transfer system. DDA programs login-based security applications to ensure that your product specifications, business models, and financial information are not available to spies, search engines, or random web surfers.

Extranet Technology for Real-time Manipulability
Parties who manipulate documents through the FTP web site have their changes automatically reflected for anyone who accesses the document after them. For example, an engineer who detects and then fixes a design flaw can be certain that the person who initiates the next phase of production avoids the problem.

Extranet Searchability Applications
Oftentimes, Extranets contain multiple projects that can involve different companies and various people within those companies. Rather than downloading and then inspecting several documents to find the right one, use a DDA-programmed search engine that is specific to the FTP web site. Search by project name, designer name, materials, requirements, standards, purpose, and more. DDA designs the search engine according to your company’s particular needs.

Dynamic Digital Advertising offers advanced programming solutions to business partners for whom cohesive communication is essential to earning success and gaining profit. Call today to learn how DDA programs custom file transfer protocol Extranet services to meet the demands of any business network.

Based in the greater Philadelphia area, Dynamic Digital Advertising boasts a top-of-the-line programming department. Experienced in e-commerce enablement as well as Intranet and Extranet construction, DDA programming works with your company to provide customized solutions for operating in today’s global marketplace. Our programmers also play an important role in the design and development of many Internet-based websites. DDA’s client base localizes in states such as Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. and extends throughout the nation. No matter where your company is located, you can count on DDA for the custom programming services that connect you with partners anywhere in the world.


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Not only does Dynamic Digital Advertising is high-tech custom web database programmer but also a leading custom website design company. DDA has developed a professional website design and website development program of fourteen distinct stages. Each of these stages has been planned by a team of professional website designers to do everything necessary for the success of the website, whether it is creating an industry-leading aesthetic web design or it is providing the one-of-a-kind user experience that turns online traffic into real world business.
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As a leading graphic design firm, Dynamic Digital Advertising understands what steps must be taken to maximize the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. DDA maintains a team of graphic designers who are proficient in developing graphic designs for a variety of media, including but not limited to brochures, sell sheets, trade ads, DVD and CD-ROM presentations, digital video, large format billboards, and virtual reality. In fact, the skills of DDA graphic design artists allow Dynamic Digital Advertising to offer one of the largest graphic design service lines in the United States.
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