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DDA’s Extranet Programming Services for Online Help Knowledge Bases

Extranet technology links your company to partners, manufacturers, distributors, customers, suppliers, and others. Though Extranet itself is a powerful communication tool, oftentimes people from other industry segments don’t understand technical specifications, marketing requirements, etc., and why meeting these specifications and requirements is essential to creating the right product and distributing it to the right people. Don’t detract from the effectiveness of your Extranet: call Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). We provide your company with custom web programming services for Extranet including online help knowledge bases that support your company as you provide a deeper understanding of your business for partners and their organizations.

Enhance inter-company communication and understanding with online help knowledge bases for Extranets programmed by Dynamic Digital Advertising. Call today to learn more.

An Extranet is supposed to facilitate communication among individual organizations who are cooperating for the purpose of developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling a product or service. Extranets that contain knowledge base topics pre-posted by employees of the company who owns the Intranet are more successful in meeting this purpose. These topics provide information that can be easily referenced by other Extranet members, which results in a cohesive team effort as a product is developed and distributed.

Extranet services for online help knowledge bases can include preset topics such as:

Industry Standards, rules, and other guidelines that must be met in order for your product or service to be accepted by customers and respected by competitors. Extranet knowledge base information on industry standards helps your suppliers or manufacturers perceive why your product is designed a certain way or why it requires a specific material, color, etc.

Textbook Knowledge of your industry or your products and their purposes is helpful to anyone with access to your Extranet. Manufacturers and suppliers have an instant and reliable reference. Sales representatives can quickly gather the facts necessary to sell. Customers come away with a better understanding of a product and form more loyal connections with your company.

Manufacturer- and Vendor-Specific Information is a product specification reference from a dependable source: your company. Whether someone requires data to double-check a manufacturing process or needs industry-specific information to convince a prospect to make a purchase, a online help knowledge base grants instant access to the necessary data.

Employee-provided Information can offer facts essential to anyone with access to your Extranet. In their time with your company, employees have come to understand your products or services and the associated manufacturing processes, benefits, potential problems, and more. Give employees a outlet for sharing their expertise with knowledge base programming services by DDA.

Providing information builds stronger, more loyal business relationships. Call Dynamic Digital Advertising today for Extranet knowledge base programming services.


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In addition to programming highly-functional Extranet systems, Dynamic Digital Advertising is able to provide companies with one of the most comprehensive graphic design service lines in the United States. These graphic design services are perfect for creating the marketing, promotional, and informational media that companies need to impress business partners as well as potential customers. Whether your company needs an attention-grabbing trade show graphics or traffic-stopping imagery for large format truck signs, Dynamic Digital Advertising has all the graphic design services you need under one roof.
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