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Dynamic Digital Advertising’s Custom Web Design
and Programming for Corporate Extranet Technical Support Forums

Are your customers frustrated with their recent purchase because they can’t figure out how the product works or how to avoid complications? Are your employees annoyed because they can’t comprehend how to use the network or other software/hardware products? Are you worried that you may be losing customer loyalty or compromising productivity as a result? Corporate Extranet technical support forums are your comprehensive solution. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), Philadelphia’s premier Extranet designer has the custom programming tools to make it happen.

Extranet technical support forums designed and developed through DDA’s custom programming services provide a centralized arena where ideas, concepts, information, resources, and feedback on critical business issues are addressed and shared internally between members of an organization and externally between customers or distributors and company representatives. Unlike a physical meeting or email, technical support forums allow qualified staff members to communicate online as their schedules permit and also label, categorize, and archive information for future reference.

Help users solve specific problems easily, efficiently, and accurately with DDA’s Extranet services for technical support forums: call for more information.

Advantages of Extranet Technical Support Forums:
• Fewer phone calls
• Fewer and more effective emails
• Prompt responses
• Reliable feedback
• Questions and issues are resolved faster

Extranet Support Applications Include:
External Technical Support – When your customers purchase products or services from your company it is important to provide them with all critical information pertaining thereunto. Technical specifications sheets and material safety data sheets included with the purchase may not be enough. Customers may have concerns that have not previously been addressed. In cases such as this, your technical support department can become inundated with phone calls and emails demanding immediate answers to specific questions.

External technical support forums on your Extranet site can be a useful way to minimize phone or email communication and maximize customer service. Customers can post questions or comments to qualified staff members who not only know how to provide them with the information they need, but can do so in the blink of an eye. Technical support forums can help you avoid disgruntled customers and maintain loyalty long term.

Internal Technical Support – When you invest in the latest software to improve corporate productivity, it is essential to ensure that all members of your organization learn the tools. In order for this investment to be money well spent, employees must know how to implement the software effectively. Most companies employ a diverse staff that has a range of technical skills and abilities. Some pick up computer programs easily while others need more detailed explanation.

How do you get everyone on board with innovative digital advances? Technical support forums for corporate Extranet sites help both the computer wiz as well as the novice. In the context of an open communication arena, those who are struggling to grasp concepts can consult someone who has the answers. Others can add to the threaded discussion with additional hints or potential pitfalls. Use technical support forums to supplement, or in some instances replace long, drawn-out training seminars and improve internal communication.

Contact DDA for custom programming services that can implement technical support forums into your corporate Extranet site.


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