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Flash website design and development by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware
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Custom Website Design &
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Since 1994, Dynamic Digital
Advertising (DDA), has been a
leader in professional website
design, website development, and
website hosting. As a full service,
in-house custom website design
company in the greater Philadelphia
area, DDA serves a broad range of
clientele nationally as well as locally
in Pennsylvania, New Jersey,
New York, and Delaware.

DDA is both dynamic and digital. Digital
in part due to expertise in Flash animation
technology. Dynamic in part due to unique
and professional integration of Flash
animation into website design. As a pioneer
in the industry, DDA has been implementing
Flash animation since the software was
first introduced. Today, DDA uses the latest versions of Flash to produce animated motion, integrate audio and video, and enliven flat, static websites.

Bring life to a website…
• Interface
• Applications
• Games
• Interactive media
• Mobile content

Balance Artistic Impact and Effective Internet Marketing
Flash is not for every website, or for every industry. DDA animation artists and website designers have the experience to distinguish what site and what business will benefit most with Flash animation. For the right business, Flash animation can add dimension, entertainment, or an improved presentation of information. Done poorly, Flash can be unprofessional, a hindrance to navigation, and a blockage to search engine rankings.

Dynamic Digital Advertising strives to balance artistry and effective Internet marketing. Build excitement into your Marketing in the 21st Century with the creativity behind DDA’s Flash animation.

Interaction can be personalized.
When designed by experts, flash can be used as an excellent interactive tool. Users can understand, assemble, and navigate websites with ease. Information can be organized and pushed to the viewer instead of asking the viewer to move around the site, gather the information, and assemble it into a cohesive thought.

Stop waiting for pages to load.
The Flash plug-in allows the local computer to receive mathematical descriptions from a website rather than unwieldy pixel-by-pixel image descriptions. A mathematical shortcut results in faster and better downloads. More recent versions of flash also handle compressed audio and video at high quality with low bandwidth requirements.

With advantages in faster download speeds and smaller file sizes, the Flash plug-in for website multimedia has become one of the most popular and widespread plug-ins on the Internet. Flash is installed on 97% of all Internet-connected computers and is preinstalled on most computers sold today.

Dynamic Digital Advertising's website designers are highly skilled in creating professional website designs that integrate Flash software, as well as its sister Shockwave. DDA website designers use Flash for a wide range of services, including sophisticated frame-by-frame animations, streaming video, and audio.

Deliver unique visual experiences.

Keep visitors at your website longer.

Choose DDA for your custom website design needs.


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