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Frequently Asked Questions about DDA's Table Cover Services

Table Covers

1.) What is the difference between a full and an economy table throw?
- A full table throw has four sides, while an economy table throw only has three sides.

2.) What colors do you offer?
- All of our table skirts, table throws, and fitted table covers come in a choice of seven colors. They are: black, royal blue, burgundy, cream, lipstick red, green, and pure white.

3.) Do you print logos onto the table skirts, table throws, and fitted table covers?
- Yes, we do. In fact, we can print your normal company logo onto them or we can custom design a new corporate logo for you.

4.) What sizes are offered for the table covers?
- While the width of table covers come in a standard 24 inches or a standard 30 inches, we can customize any length to suit your company's needs. On stock, we offer table covers in 4ft, 6ft, or 8ft in length.

5.) Which are better - table skirts or fitted table covers?
- It's all a matter of preference really when it comes to whether you are looking for an aesthetic value or a functional value. Some people just like the look of the box pleated table skirt, while others prefer having a fitted table cover to avoid having to worry about attachments.

6.) How do I attach my table throw to the table?
- You may either use staples and a stapling gun or you may attach it with the use of Velcro clips. Each of our table throws comes equipped with a Velcro lining at the top. Simply attach a clip to this lining and then attach the clip to your table.

7.) What other trade show services does DDA offer?
- We offer help with trade show booths, trade show banners, trade show graphics, corporate logo designs, and trade show videos.

Call 215-355-6442 for large format graphic design services

If you have a question that has not been answered on this page, please call us directly at 215-355-6442.