Dynamic Digital Advertising's "totally digital concept" has helped make DDA the pioneer and leader in digital advertising in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. From digital photography and digital video to website and print design, DDA offers one-stop digital shopping. DDA can create a marketing plan for your company, whcih includes print, internet, CD-ROM, and video for your business. DDA can help your company create a fully integrated corporate identity on and offline.

DDA's website design and development, includes hosting, search engine optimization, virtual reality, streaming video, and e-commerce solutions. E-commerce can take many forms, from a request for quotation to dynamically generated shopping, payment, and fulfillment systems. DDA offers flash and virtual reality technologies.

Flash animation offers interactivity without download penalty. Sound, animation, and embedded video that can be read most browsers (92%). The flash plug-in is the most ubiquitous plug-in on the Interent with over a million downloads daily. DDA can create an entire website in Flash, embed it in an HTML site or as an opening sequence. Virtual reality can be used to rotate a product 360° or tour a house or plant. Someday, virtual reality utilized to showcase or demonstrate a product or tour a facility will be a virtual necessity.

Shooting both traditional and digital photography, Dynamic Digital Advertising was the first digital photography studio in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area. High resolution, first generation images are faster to capture and eliminate the expense of film developing and scanning. DDA is one of the most experienced digital studios in the nation. Digital photography is about half the cost of traditional photography, with the result being equal or better quality. Another reason why DDA's slogan is Proof that higher quality can be less expensive™.

With an in-house digital video studio Dynamic Digital Advertising is ready, willing, and able to produce corporate videos for new product introductions and training or streaming video for CD-ROM or the Internet. DDA makes broadcast-quality digital video available at a price that is affordable for companies with modest budgets. Since video capture, editing, and manipulation is 100% digital, there is no loss of quality as with analog footage which is often "digitized" to a computer for editing and then returned to tape.

Print design and production remain core components for DDA. From logos, business cards and salesheets, to brochures and catalogs, no project is too large or small.

3D graphics are not only useful in animation, they can also be used in many web and print applications. Dynamic Digital Advertising uses 3D modeling in a variety of media, including, print, trade show graphics, CD-ROMs and videos. It's perfect for industrial illustration and one of the advantages of 3D illustration is that it can be used many times over. Simply changing camera angles, lighting and texture treatments allows for a wide variety of imagery. Recently, DDA developed 3D models that were presented simultaneously as elements of a trade show presentation and proved to be very effective.

Interactive CD-ROMs can hold a variety of media and a massive amount of information, i.e. 250,000 pages of text will fit on a single CD. Consider the possibilities: products, video clips, and virtual video tours can all be integrated on a CD-ROM with a leading edge interface that puts the viewer in control. CD-ROMs from DDA can be pressed onto a business card size disc or into the shape of a corporate logo, both play on standard desktop CD-ROM drives.

From small to large, inkjet to photographic, mounted to flexible and back-lit - DDA is the complete digital source for Trade Show Graphics.

DDA is proud of its digital past. We used to say, "we were digital before digital was cool." DDA endeavors to build a real relationship with each client, and in the process earn that client's trust. The creative and impactful advertising projects DDA develops helps to empower companies and helps those companies to take charge of their digital futures.


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