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Customer Intranet Website Design and Develop by Dynamic Digital Advertising

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Customer Intranet Website Design and Development
by Dynamic Digital Advertising

Strengthen your company's customer relationships with custom Customer Intranet website design and development by Dynamic Digital Advertising. A growing complaint from customers today is the lack of customer and technical support. After-sale support is critical to building lasting relationships with customers; custom-designed Intranet websites allow your company to provide instant Internet-based support.

How do Customer Intranet Websites work?
These Intranet websites are security-enabled. Customers can enter them only if they have been granted access by you. Packaged or emailed security codes ensure that the only visitors to the Intranet website are customers looking for products and services. Dynamic Digital Advertising builds Customer Intranets to protect your company against intruders, spies, and cyber-thieves.

Webcast and Streaming Video Support through Intranet
Most people learn visually, especially when it comes to assembling or operating products. Rather than letting customers struggle to verbally communicate problems and solutions over the phone, let them see how your product works. Streaming video or archived webcasts can show customers how to fit the parts together or how to operate their product. Dynamic Digital Advertising will shoot, edit, and then upload videos into your Intranet or record them digitally for an informative live and archive webcast. These images are easy to access and include sound to promote complete understanding of a solution.

Intranet-based Technical Support and Troubleshooting
Centralized email, special hotlines, online technicians, and more help you support your customers. Email by DDA for Customer Intranet lets your technicians know that the email is safe to open because the email can come only from a customer with Intranet access granted by you. Eliminate the risks of uploaded viruses as well as network-slowing spam through a secure Customer Intranet. Additionally, Intranet can provide customers with special phone numbers that allows them to reach a person who is an expert for that product or services. Don’t make your customers sit through multiple phone transfers and frustrating waits. Provide the support they need now.

Intranet Websites:
Free Upgrades and Special Promotions

Give your long-time customers upgrades and promotions as thanks for their loyalty. Do you have customers who have faithfully relied on your companies products and services for years? Provide them with exclusive online promotions and discounts through the Intranet. Or do you want to keep your customers up-to-day with the latest technology? Offer free upgrades via your company’s Customer Intranet. Your offers stay in the hands of people with whom you are actually doing business as opposed to web surfers searching for a freebie.

Dynamic Digital Advertising since 1994 has provided companies with the digital technology and professional custom website design that helps them increase their effectiveness in today’s competitive market. Customer Intranets allows you to develop a secure and lasting online relationship with customers which ensures that you will continue doing business for years to come. Dynamic Digital Advertising is located outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and serves clients based nationally or regionally in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Washington D.C.




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As a leader in optimized professional custom website design and development, Dynamic Digital Advertising has forged a fourteen-step proprietary construction and planning process which results in higher search engine rankings and visitor conversion rates for all company websites. Leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN place DDA-developed websites on front pages where they are highly-visible to searchers. These searchers enter the website and are immediately engaged by highly-organized and helpful information as well as animation, state-of-the-art programming, digital photography, and other online tools that lead them to convert from visitors to customers.
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As the leading graphic design firm of Philadelphia, Dynamic Digital Advertising provides clients with media built through the skills of experienced graphic designers who do everything from trade show graphic design to marketing and branding design. DDA, in fact, offers one of the most complete listing of digital advertising services in the United States. One of our high-end graphic design capabilities is logo design. Logo graphic design can be used to enhance corporate identity, develop branding for a product, or help launch a new product. To see a complete listing of digital advertising services, please click here.
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