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Are you drowning in reports? Struggling to determine a general assessment on company performance? Let the reporting page you see in your Intranet site provide you with the most important company information. Once you login, access customized dashboards, where you can view executive summaries, HR files, forms, and a host of other internal and external sources. Get the information you want in real time with custom corporate Intranet dashboards and portals from Philadelphia’s preferred Intranet designer, Dynamic Digital Advertising: call now.

What is an Intranet Dashboard or Portal?
Many people familiar with custom web programming ascribe a meaning to the term "dashboard" that is synonymous with the term "portal." In fact, dashboards are often referred to as personalized desktop portals that focus on knowledge management and business intelligence. One of the best features of Intranet programming is custom Intranet dashboards and portals. Corporate dashboards are at the core of your Intranet site and are designed to assemble reports from various web-based systems into one place where management and employees can see the current status of the company at a glance. Such tools serve as a launching pad to various sources of information.

Advantages of Programming Intranet Dashboards and Portals:
• Displays a broad number of different metrics in a single consolidated view
• Organizes details into high-level summaries
• Provides intuitive indicators, such as gauges and stoplights, that are easily
  and instantly understandable

Customize Your Intranet Dashboard or Portal
The front page of your Intranet site should reflect your company’s unique values and professionalism. In many respects a reporting dashboard can be likened to a dashboard in an automobile. Both offer an at-a-glance view of the current operational state, the ability to make general assessments, and the mechanism to seek out more information. Actually, your Intranet dashboard can be designed to look just like an automobile dashboard with gauges, charts, a steering wheel, and more. Personalize your dashboard or portal so you know if you have tasks due, unread mail, or phone messages. Additionally, you can add stock tickers, weather information, resource links, and more to receive all the information you want at your fingertips either throughout the day or day-to-day. The possibilities are unlimited.

Whether you want a simple Intranet portal with pie charts and links or an elaborate dashboard with stock tickers, weather conditions, gauges, and more, DDA can design and program the tools you need to significantly increase the success of your business. Contact DDA today and make work flow faster, smoother, and smarter tomorrow.



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