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Businesses today are realizing that the knowledge of their team is one of the most valuable assets they have. But for most, tapping into that knowledge can be challenging. Staff members often lack the time to conduct internal face-to-face meetings. Many are inundated with email correspondences and can no longer respond to them in a judicious fashion. The result equates to issues going unresolved for extended periods of time.

Intranet discussion forums developed through Dynamic Digital Advertising’s custom programming services provide a centralized brainstorming arena in which ideas, concepts, information, resources, and feedback on critical business decisions are shared between members of an organization. Unlike a physical meeting, staff members can contribute online communication as their schedules permit and unlike email, all information is labeled, categorized, and archived for future reference.

Streamline internal communication with Intranet discussion forums designed and developed by DDA: call now for more information.

Use this Intranet Feature to:
• Post messages with a subject header, email address, a reference URL,
  and message body
• Read messages posted by other users in a chronological manner
• Follow up on other messages so users can post their response to
  other posts
• Delete outdated or inappropriate messages, archive posts,
  restrict user access etc.
• Search through posted messages based on keywords
• Email posted articles to internal subscribers

How do you know if Intranet discussion forums are right for your company?
Intranet discussion forums work well in some companies and in others they fail to accomplish their objectives. Answer the questions below to see if discussion forums are appropriate for your company’s Intranet site.

Is open discussion a practice maintained within your organization? Certain companies thrive on open discussion, which makes communicating via an Intranet discussion board an easy transition. Other companies have yet to institute this practice, which makes it hard for some to initiate conversation and share ideas. Determine whether your company pursues open discussion, and if not, find ways to encourage thoughtful interaction so your company and its employees can take full advantage of the benefits this programming tool has to offer.

Is there a clear reason for implementing a discussion forum into your Intranet? Having a discussion forum just for the sake of boasting that your Intranet has one or to continue conversations past the water cooler are not good reasons to include this tool. If a lack of internal communication has stunted the workflow of your business or if members of one department routinely have questions for members of another department, Intranet discussion forums may prove beneficial.

At DDA, we work with you to ascertain whether discussion forums would be an advantageous feature to your Intranet site. It is important to us to design and program a functional discussion forum so that it serves a significant purpose and is money well spent.

Make faster, better, and more informed business decisions with Intranet discussion forums designed, developed, programmed, and managed by Dynamic Digital Advertising.



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