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Paper forms, documents, manuals, and old marketing material take up space and are difficult to access and share. Additionally, getting the documents you need is expensive, costing both your time and the time of employees. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) designs secure Intranet websites that feature database programming for document organization libraries. These libraries are contained within the security of your corporate Intranet and are organized in electronic format by type or department.

Dynamic Digital Advertising programs custom Intranet website databases for manageable, organized electronic document libraries. Call DDA to learn about the programming tools that can increase the efficiency of your company by putting all the paperwork you need right at your fingertips.

Secure an Intranet Library - Electronic Intranet libraries protect manuals, documents, and other materials from falling into the wrong hands. Only users who have been approved by your company and assigned a login can access a corporate Intranet document library. Dynamic Digital Advertising programs electronic Intranet libraries to give you the benefits of digital communication as well as the protection of a real-world, access-controlled facility.

Organize Files and Forms - Company forms, policy manuals, and other important documents can be archived inside the Intranet database. Forms can be grouped alphabetically or by department. DDA clients who have requested customized Intranet dashboards or portals can have the files they may need pop up on their welcome screen as soon as they log on.

Manage Documents – Have you discontinued a product or marketing campaign? Have you updated a manual? Since electronic forms don’t take up physical space and Dynamic Digital Advertising can program libraries that are as large as necessary, there’s no need to eliminate outdated material. Archive old forms in a special system for future reference.

Search the Intranet Database – The fastest way to locate documents that are not grouped with a person’s department is to search. Dynamic Digital Advertising programs Intranet search engines that allow employees to locate, open, and print documents as soon as they need them.

Save time, space, and money. Increase your company’s efficiency. Call Dynamic Digital Advertising to learn about Document Organization libraries and our many other programming capabilities for secure corporate Intranets.

Dynamic Digital Advertising is a website design and development company based outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County Pennsylvania. Specializing in both Internet and Intranet website design and programming, DDA is proud to serve clients in a multitude of national areas and regional areas that include Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Delaware. Call Dynamic Digital Advertising now to learn about how we can construct a corporate Intranet that streamlines workflow and enhances communication.



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In addition to offering state-of-the-art programming services, Dynamic Digital Advertising is also a custom website design company who provides clients with a proprietary website design process. This website design process encompasses all aspects of original website design, from the beginning stages of the competitor marketing analysis and keyword research to the post-launch maintenance stages of secure website hosting and advanced metrics tracking. DDA uses this process to build custom websites that rank on the top pages of leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN, draw a large number of targeted visitors, and supply the information that convinces many of them to take a call-to-action and become a customer.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising is the chief graphic design company of the greater Philadelphia area. DDA boasts one of the most extensive and diverse offerings of graphic design services in the United States. These services include aesthetic web graphic design, large format graphic design, graphic design for logo and corporate identity, graphic design for trade show booths, and many others. Dynamic Digital Advertising maintains a team of degreed graphic designers who have worked with numerous companies from a large number of industry segments and who develop the powerful corporate imagery you need to build a successful marketing campaign.
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