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Employee Intranet Website Design and Development by Dynamic Digital Advertising

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Employee Intranet Website Design and Development
by Dynamic Digital Advertising

Increase productivity in your company through professional custom Employee Intranet website design and development by Dynamic Digital Advertising. Imagine a centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that allows employees to manage quotes, sales, downloads, uploads, and more. Imagine that the same system provides a secure network that protects your financial transactions and company trade secrets. Now imagine that this system could eliminate the need to expose your computer network to the Internet’s spyware, pop-ups, viruses and other hazards.

Custom employee Intranet website design and development can do all this and more. Dynamic Digital Advertising pays special attention to the needs of your business and then designs, develops, launches, and hosts a custom Intranet website. Avoid unnecessary Intranet features and eliminate technical problems with DDA’s comprehensive professional employee Intranet website design and development services.

Intranet Website: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
Streamline your business operations for increased productivity and profitability through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities built into your Intranet. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s CRM software gives your team an aggressive edge in today’s competitive marketplace. CRM allows you to schedule regional and promotional events within a centralized calendar so events are viewable and, if enabled, manipulatable by other employees. Employees and managers can also download, manipulate, and upload documents. Everything from tracking sales activities to submitting sales quotes can be streamlined by DDA’s Customer Relationship Management software.

Security through Intranet Website Design
A state-of-the art Intranet provides additional security for your company. Protecting client information, quotes, sales lists, marketing strategies, trade secrets, and more is critical. Internet-based communication increases the chances that information will leak or that competitors will find information that they can use to out-sell your company. Intranet gives you all the technologically-advanced communication capabilities but provides extra layers of security. Intranet access can be limited through passwords or restricted to networked computer-based work stations. Passwords can be changed easily at your discretion or you can request a digital record that allows you to see user’s log times and actions. Call Dynamic Digital Advertising today to find out more about how Employee Intranet grants your company higher levels of security.

Intranet Eliminates the Need for Internet
Viruses. Spam. Spyware. All these and more are security liabilities for your company. Employees who log into private email accounts to conduct company or personal business or who visit the wrong websites and return home with unwanted passengers can endanger not only the security but the functionality of your network. Don’t put your business at risk. Intranet website development harnesses the power of the Internet within a secure arena. With Internal calendaring, email , webcasts, and more, you can virtually eliminate your employees’ need to use the Internet for internal transactions. Protect your company: call Dynamic Digital Advertising today to find out how.

Custom Intranet website design and development by Dynamic Digital Advertising provides many business benefits for your company. Better communication and more secure business transactions are just the start. Since 1994, DDA has been a leader in developing the digital technology that helps companies do business both online and offline. Based in the Philadelphia area in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Dynamic Digital Advertising serves clients who are based regionally in Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Washington D.C.




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Dynamic Digital Advertising, an innovator in professional custom website design and development, has formulated a fourteen-step process which achieves high levels of search engine marketing as well as high visitor conversion rates. Major search engines place DDA-designed websites on their front pages from which they attract large numbers of searchers who want information on your company, products, or services. The many who enter find an organized, aesthetic website that provides the information, graphics, digital photography, animation, streaming videos, and more that engage their interest and lead them to convert from visitor to customer.
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Today’s marketplace is so aggressive that companies from any industry can experience great benefits from Philadelphia’s leading graphic design company – Dynamic Digital Advertising. DDA offers the most extensive listing of digital advertising and graphic design services in the country. One of our core graphic design competencies is multimedia CD-ROM and DVD development. These types of fully-interactive media utilize graphic design services to create a visually appealing experience, perfect for corporate presentations or featuring a fully-interactive CD-ROM catalog. DDA graphic designers also create unique packaging concepts as well as cover designs.
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