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Internal Job Posting Custom Designed and Programmed
for Your Intranet by Dynamic Digital Advertising

Fill positions faster with better employees through sophisticated custom Intranet designing and programming for internal job postings from Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), Philadelphia’s premier corporate Intranet designer. There is nothing more frustrating for managers than having an open seat, screening dozens of applicants, hiring a promising candidate, and eventually discovering that the employee lacks initiative or productivity. Ease frustrations and find the right positions for employees to help them produce more, turnover less, and train faster with DDA’s custom Intranet programming services.

Get the best fit for both the position and your corporate culture by posting job opportunities on your company’s Intranet site. Contact DDA for the Intranet design, development, and management solutions that help you find precisely what you’re looking for.

Why hire internally?
• In companies that maintain growth and success, the performance level
  of internal hires far outweighs that of external hires.
• Internal hires require less skill assessment, less time to make an
  employment decision and are less likely to reject offers.
• Save money by eliminating the need for expensive employment
• Shorten break-in periods with employees that are already familiar with
  your organization.
• Improve company morale by providing opportunities for existing staff
  members to climb the corporate ladder.
• Increase retention and help attract those wanting long-term employment

Why use an Intranet to post internal job opportunities?
Although hiring from existing employees has its benefits, there are complications that arise. For instance, how do you announce a new job opening to everyone so no one feels mistreated? Once you decide to hire internally, consider posting job opportunities on your company’s Intranet site. Intranet technology may be the best way to reach all members of your organization simultaneously. Employees, regardless of department or level within the corporate hierarchy, are able to access recent openings online at their convenience.

DDA can program your Intranet job posting to allow employees to search by job title, department, or post date. From there employees are given a list of all the opportunities that match their search queries. By selecting one of the results, staff members are given a detailed description of the job and an explanation of all associated responsibilities. Not only can employees view current job openings, they can apply to positions online. If their skill set is applicable to the job, then employees can fill out applications, attach their resumes, and send information directly to human resources (HR) or upper levels of management.

Increase productivity and efficiency by hiring internally via Intranet job postings: call DDA for custom corporate Intranet programming solutions.


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In addition to Dynamic Digital Advertising’s custom programming services for Intranet sites, consider the benefits of a custom design for corporate websites geared to the public. More than ever before, consumers are interested in researching products or services prior to purchasing them in a store or online. For this reason, many companies are investing in e-marketing opportunities. DDA’s custom website design and development process consisting of fourteen steps equips your online business with the interactive tools and effective copy that educates prospects and turns them into customers. Give consumers the information they are seeking, contact Dynamic Digital Advertising, a professional custom website design company, today.
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People buy with their eyes. Therefore, graphic designs in print- and web-based media must be attention grabbing and eye-catching in order to market products or services effectively. Dynamic Digital Advertising, Philadelphia’s cutting-edge graphic design firm, provides clients from all industries with the nation’s most extensive list of graphic design services that ranges from brochures and logos to posters and billboards. Regardless of the graphic design application and style you desire, DDA can produce what you need when you need it. Outdo your competitors in graphic design and bring your promotional materials to market first with DDA.
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