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Intranet Solutions by DDA: Security through
Login-Based Applications

Today’s businesses are more aggressive than ever. To stay ahead of your competitors, your company must leverage web database programming tools powered by the Internet. It sounds simple to increase the efficiency of your workflow, but there’s a catch: once your company begins eliminating paper and enhancing intra-company communication through web technology, all of your transactions can become prey to cyber criminals, corporate spies, disgruntled ex-employees, and others. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) works to eliminate risks through Intranet security solutions including login-based applications.

Protect your financial information, product designs, marketing concepts, and more with login-based applications for secure corporate Intranet design by Dynamic Digital Advertising. Call today to learn how.

Depending on the needs of your business, Dynamic Digital Advertising offers several levels of security for login-based applications:

Basic Intranet Security
This level is the most basic of Intranet security and is actually more commonly used for Extranet programming. At the website registry, a person provides personal data, an email address, or credit card number (if you wish to charge for access), then receives a name and password and is allowed to view certain parts of your company’s website. Any Internet user can receive a password but, ultimately, his or her ability to traverse your website is controlled by you.

Standard Intranet Security
This is the next level of Intranet security. To access your company’s Intranet, a person must have a user name and password. Based on this person’s position within your company, he or she can access reports, manipulate files, view images, etc. You choose what your employees see and cannot see. The security programming also stops searchers from accidentally wandering into your website and prevents low level employees from seeing information such as payroll, social security, other department’s projects, etc. You choose the level of access that is granted to each user.

Maximum Intranet Security
This is the strongest level of Intranet security. Those employees with the correct passwords and login can enter only from specified computers. Each computer has an IP address and DDA creates a corporate Intranet portal that grants access to users coming only from the correct IP addresses. Dynamic Digital Advertising has constructed a website of this nature for the United States military and recommends this level of security for companies in highly-sensitive areas of product development, business strategy, etc.

How does Secure Intranet work?
Someone in your company, perhaps you, controls an administrative module. If an employee forgets a password or a new person is hired, the administrator assigns a new password and/or login. If your company makes the decision to fire an individual or to layoff personnel, the administrator can terminate accounts and thereby prevent ex-employees from selling passwords to competitors or using your Intranet to attempt to harm your company. Dynamic Digital Advertising builds the corporate Intranet to fill your requirements, but ultimately the control of the Intranet is yours.

Safeguard your company’s information from intruders, criminals, and spies. Call Dynamic Digital Advertising for the custom Intranet design and development that protects your trade secrets and financial data.

Dynamic Digital Advertising is a Bucks County website design company who specializes in secure corporate Intranet development for companies based locally in the Philadelphia area as well companies based nationally. With a web database programming and software programming department, DDA is able to provide businesses with the cutting edge tools necessary for success in today’s corporate world. Call us today to learn more. Whether you are based nationally or regionally in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, or Washington D.C., DDA can provide the custom programming your business needs.


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