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Custom Corporate News and Event Programming Services from Dynamic Digital Advertising

To improve the communication between employees and departments, corporations of all kinds are investing in Intranet design and development from Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), Philadelphia’s foremost Intranet designer. A network within an organization, an Intranet uses Internet technologies to enable users to obtain and distribute work-related documents, share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and access websites. But perhaps the best communication feature of Intranets is news and event programming.

Effective internal communication is essential to unite an organization, enhance employee morale, promote transparency, and reduce attrition. Ironically, while most companies understand the significance of internal communication, very few are able to manage it efficiently. Both the long-term and short-term fallout of ineffective internal communication can be damaging for an organization. From the spread of rumors to disillusionment among employees to a gradual destruction of the company’s brand image, a lack of internal communication may result in a company’s demise or at the very least, corporate inefficiency.

Present the Latest Corporate News on Your Intranet
Every organization regardless of size or industry has news to report internally to individual employees and hierarchical departments. DDA can program a news feature into the design of your Intranet to keep members of your staff current on all pertinent information. Changing and updating news couldn’t be easier. We help you manage and control your news broadcasts so the right people get the right information at the right time.

Use this Intranet feature to:
• Announce new projects
• Welcome new employees
• Post information about corporate sales successes or milestones
• Make policy changes known
• And much more!

Display an Events Calendar and Scheduler on Your Intranet
A centralized scheduling and calendar system ensures that everyone within your entire organization stays on the same page. Schedule meetings and events from a company, department, or team level. When such meetings are posted, all affected personal can be notified immediately. Furthermore, if the Intranet is set up with appropriate controlled access, it's possible to give individuals the flexibility to schedule their own meetings and tasks.

Significantly improve internal communication by calling DDA today for Intranet news and event programming.


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Now is the time to reach a broader spectrum of potential customers. Now is the time to grow your business. Dynamic Digital Advertising, a professional custom website design company, can build a website for your company that ranks high on top search engines, that is highly visible to people interested in your products or services, and that generates more leads than you ever thought possible. Let DDA custom design and develop your website and the next thing you’ll be posting on your latest Intranet news and event board is how well your company is advancing.
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Capture the attention of potential customers with exceptional graphic designs from Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). As a leading graphic design firm located in Philadelphia, DDA offers clients one of the most comprehensive service offerings in the nation. Since our founding in 1994 we have specialized on graphic design for print media, and in the past few years have expanded our capabilities to include graphic design for websites, CD-ROMS, DVDs, and more. By offering so many graphic design services, we are able to keep your corporate identity consistent from one form of advertising to the next. Call DDA to see what we can do for you or click the icon for more information.
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