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Regardless of what industry sector your business or organization operates in, request forms are an inevitable part of the workday. Locating these forms, filling them out, submitting them, or deciphering handwriting are a notorious waste of time. To streamline your request form workflow, you need corporate Intranet solutions by Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA).

Dynamic Digital Advertising programs request form tools into corporate Intranets, which allow employees to make requests with the efficiency necessary for today’s hectic business world. Call today to learn more.

From business cards, supplies, and project notes to expense reports, purchase requisitions, and more, requests forms are necessary to get and supply the things necessary for doing business. Here are just a few of the benefits that request form Intranet services by Dynamic Digital Advertising include:

Organize Request Forms
Every department requires different paperwork. Product designers can immediately pull up a request form for software to update their programs while marketers can obtain supply requisitions for an upcoming tradeshow. DDA designs corporate Intranet dashboards or Intranet document libraries to provide the preformatted paperwork that each person requires and programs databases to make retrieving request forms simple and fast.

Send Direct and Get Faster Reponses
Corporate Intranet allows you to retrieve a form online, fill it out on the computer, and then email it to the correct contact person. This feature prevents critical forms from being misplaced in the paper flow and also guarantees that the information on the form will be easy to read. Don’t make the person you are requesting materials from struggle with your handwriting. Save your time and theirs with DDA’s Intranet solutions.

Maintain Records
Sometimes request forms can be lost. The Intranet database allows you to keep an electronic copy of the request form which is proof that you made the request at a specific date and time. Additionally, when supplies are limited and provided on a first-come-first-serve basis, Intranet request form databases show who submitted the paperwork first.

Manipulate Forms
Outdated form? In the old days, you would have had to send out a memo and collect or have destroyed all of the old forms before sending out the new paperwork. DDA’s Intranet solution eliminates this waste and hassle. Simply administratively select documents, replace them, and submit. The changes will immediately be reflected the next time anyone retrieves a form. This feature can also be protected and reserved for you or other administrators or managers; please visit Login-based Applications for Intranet Security.

Call Dynamic Digital Advertising, a major custom website design company, for professional Intranet website development that organizes workflow and increases office efficiency.


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