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DDA’s Intranet Management for Projects and Tasks

When you finish a project, are you shocked to see that the amount of time for completion was far greater than the original estimate? Time is your company’s most valuable asset. Don’t waste it by making the same mistakes over and over again. Start identifying areas of inefficiency today by calling Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) for Intranet management of projects and tasks.

Stay on track with Dynamic Digital Advertising’s custom web programming for Intranet management of projects and tasks. Call today to learn how DDA can increase the effectiveness of your communication and the efficiency of your workflow.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the Intranet project and task management tool is the ability to see where time is wasted. Once you have identified bottlenecks, you have the data you need to improve the efficiency of your employees. Perhaps the problem is poor equipment or perhaps its a staff member. Without a daily running log, you can’t be sure. Here are just a few more of the benefits of Intranet project management:

Tracking Projects
Concepts and Design – Monitor product development, instantly view any changes or new instructions, and mark the milestones as concepts become prototypes and prototypes become reality. This Intranet feature keeps all team members on the same page and additionally allows you to observe progress or intervene if there is a lack thereof.

References – Need to refer back to the original prototype or the original concept? Employees can check a project list by clicking on a particular date or searching a key term. The specs for a completed project can also be permanently archived in an Intranet document library to provide guidelines for future projects.

Sign-off and Approval – Project Intranets keep track of client/customer or management approvals throughout various stages of the project. Everyone working on a project can view that approval has been given. Additionally, reserve the ability to approve a project for yourself or other administrators through secure login-based applications.

Master Project Lists
As a manager or administrator, you may have large numbers of people working on multiple projects. The secure login-based applications of an Intranet allow you to control a master track. View the progress of all the projects currently undertaken by your staff. Eliminate errors and time-wasting tasks before they turn into huge problems and large inefficiencies at the end of the project.

Tracking Daily Tasks
Daily task lists help individuals budget their time and complete everything that needs to be finished in a day. Task lists logged through a secure Intranet allows employees to focus on what needs to be done and notifies administrators about what is or is not being completed. Furthermore, managers and administrators can hand out assignments through a task list management tool.

Stop wondering why you’ve used up all of your projected time while the concept is still on the drawing board. Call Dynamic Digital Advertising today for the website design and development or Intranet task and project management tools that can begin improving your company today.


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