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Locating a person who has a particular skill can be difficult and time-consuming. Trying to find out who has a particular piece of equipment can be even more difficult. Save time and effort through employee Intranet directories programmed by Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). A leader in custom database programming, DDA designs and develops the employee databases that can be maintained by your employees, an Intranet administrator, or an HR department.

Call Dynamic Digital Advertising for the employee Intranet directory that can increase the efficiency of your company. Below you can see just a few of the benefits of employee Intranet directories:

Contact Information – Dynamic Digital Advertising programs searchable employee databases which allow people within the company to quickly find contact information for members of other departments. Employees can be listed alphabetically, by department, or both. Search features allow someone to look by first or last name, job title or description, skill set, and more.

Employee Schedules – Intranet directories allow your employees to see when a person they need is available. Managers scheduling long-term projects will be able to take an employee’s availability into consideration during project assignments. Other employees will know exactly when their colleague will return to the office.

Biographical Information - As companies grow larger, it is not uncommon for complete strangers to work together. Encourage employees to post biographical information, skill sets, photographs, hobbies, and more to foster a stronger sense of community and team effort in your workplace. Project managers also get to see who may be a good choice for certain projects based on skills and experiences not posted in a résumé.

Equipment Tracking – Companies that share equipment such as projectors, DVD players, and other supplies benefit from Intranet tracking. When an equipment sign-out schedule is tracked through an Intranet directory, other employees can find out who is using a piece of equipment at a certain time. They can then schedule presentations or meetings accordingly.

Intranet Security – Corporate directories offer many valuable benefits. Directory information, however, should not be posted in the public domain where it could be viewed by competitors. Don’t let your best people be recruited by competing companies. Protect your most valuable assets with secure Intranet directories by Dynamic Digital Advertising.

Dynamic Digital Advertising is a leader of custom database and Intranet programming. Call today to learn the many ways DDA can enhance the way you do business so you can start growing your company tomorrow.


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