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DDA’s Marketing and Branding Strategies for
New Product Launch

The success of a new product may be determined in the few short weeks after launch; its success, or lack thereof, can make, or cost, your company millions of dollars. Ensure a profitable product launch by planning ad campaigns that create demand with advertising and promoting by Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). With a skilled marketing and branding staff as well as many state-of-the-art digital technologies, DDA arms your company with the tools it needs for a prosperous new product line.

Dynamic Digital Advertising develops the publicity tools your company needs to promote and sell a new product. Contact DDA now to learn more or continue reading to learn about our marketing and branding tools for new product launch:

Website Promotion and Internet Marketing
Possibly the most efficient pull strategy available to marketers is website promotion and Internet marketing which, when properly executed, present your products and services to potential customers at the very moment they are most willing to buy. Dynamic Digital Advertising, a custom website design company, uses effective search engine optimization techniques to construct a corporate website that ranks on the front pages of major search engines for important keywords and generates demand for a product long before it hits shelves. Because DDA is a full service advertising agency, we can also create multimedia tools such as digital video product demonstrations, streaming video or webcast commercials, and more.

Direct Marketing Tools: Copywriting and Graphic Design Services
Do you have existing customers who would be interested in purchasing your new product or is your company about to explore new markets and geographic areas? Target prospects effectively with a carefully-planned direct marketing campaign. Dynamic Digital Advertising maintains a team of seasoned marketers who help you understand the demographics and buying behavior of your target market segment. Once DDA has helped you understand this segment, you can choose from a variety of media for direct mail marketing including sell sheets, post cards, brochures, CD-ROMs, etc. Having chosen a medium, you then work with DDA’s copywriters and graphic design artists to craft the message that addresses potential customers’ needs and connects those needs to your company’s new product.

Email Marketing Services for Direct Website Promotion
No matter how well-crafted a direct mail piece is, many people are more responsive to email marketing, especially if you want customers to visit websites. The electronic form of direct marketing, email marketing, allows you to achieve instant communication with members of your target market. New products have the potential to gain tremendous publicity when emails are sent to the right audience and contain the right subject line, header, text, graphics, and call-to-action. Many clients choose to use email marketing for website promotion in order to guide future customers to their corporate websites.

PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing
Some companies choose to launch pay-per-click campaigns which are not as effective as natural search engine marketing but are excellent vehicles for procuring prime spots on the returned results for specific keywords. Once a website occupies a top spot, you’ll have the ability to market to people searching for products that have a purpose similar to yours. The result is more people learning about your exciting new product. Dynamic Digital Advertising provides pay-per-click management services to help you increase the cost-effectiveness of paid word campaigns by building the right website to greet click-throughs and hold their attention long enough to show them the benefits of a new product.

Dynamic Digital Advertising can provide many promotional tools for new product launch. To learn about them all, call DDA now at (215) 355- 6442.

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Dynamic Digital Advertising is America’s top custom website design company, providing businesses based anywhere in the nation with the professional website design and development tools necessary for ranking on the front pages of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s principal website design tool is a proprietary process that comprises fourteen clearly-defined steps. The first steps carefully establish the client’s objectives for website marketing while the final steps refine the website’s search engine optimization potential.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising is a major graphic design firm located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. DDA maintains one of the most comprehensive graphic design service lines in the entire country. These services are composed of graphic design for business cards and other types of print work, large format graphic design, aesthetic web graphic design, graphic design for trade show displays, and much more. Dynamic Digital Advertising maintains a staff of degreed graphic designers who have worked with innumerable companies from many industry segments and who create the interesting corporate imagery you need to develop a successful advertising campaign.
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