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Custom Website Programming Services
for Corporate Online Technical Support

At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), a pioneer custom website design company, we believe in providing both customers and employees with world-class online technical support and services. Our goal is that every support interaction strengthens customers’ overall satisfaction as well as employees’ overall understanding. Timely, correct answers to complex, technical questions and expert trouble-shooting techniques are critical in achieving maximum success. That's why many businesses are developing comprehensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) forms and hiring programming companies to implement comprehensive support database solutions for them within the technical support section of their Internet, Extranet, or Intranet websites.

Help customers or employees answer their own questions quickly, easily, and successfully with DDA’s custom programming for online technical support services: call us at (215) 355-6442 or email us at

Your Company Can Benefit From Having its Own
Online Technical Support and Services

Regardless of industry, IT or technical support departments are often inundated with questions from either external or internal members of the organization. For many companies, such departments often end up spending a significant amount of time addressing these issues while more important tasks such as implementing new software, fixing product or system malfunctions, etc. are put on the back burner. When customers’ questions go unanswered for extended periods of time due to backup, they lose a sense of loyalty. When employees’ questions are not immediately addressed, productivity and efficiency of the business can suffer.

With online FAQs, simple questions can be answered in a matter of minutes without the need for departmental involvement. Employees or customers can merely access a particular site, select the appropriate technical support functions, and search for the information that pertains to their question or concern. This way everything they could possibly need is available at their fingertips, which enables IT or technical support departments to put their time to better use.

Features of DDA’s Custom Programmed Online Technical Support and Services:

Sortable FAQs for Organized Technical Support
Over a period of time, companies can develop an extensive list of FAQs, which are underutilized. It is important to save and present industry-specific product related or customer oriented information as reference. But how do you maintain this information effectively? Let DDA, a leader in website design, place your company’s FAQs and other information in a database where they can be sorted by subject, date, product or service line, etc. The method of organization is fluid and selectable.

Searchable FAQs for Efficient Technical Support
Once you have sorted FAQs and other information based on personal preferences, DDA can implement the programming tools necessary, which make it easy for customers and employees to search for the information they need. Based on strategic keywords or phrases searched, they can automatically receive a list of the most relevant responses. Nothing is more efficient. Not only can customers and employees receive immediate feedback but they can also search for information at a time and place that is convenient for them. When a problem or issue arises, day or night, it can be resolved without delay.

Contact DDA for the custom website programming services that provide customers and employees with the technical support they need. Improve customer loyalty and employee productivity: call or email now.


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