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Keyword Research
Keyword research is the critical first
step for all your search engine
marketing endeavors including
content management and content
development and organic search
engine optimization. As a pioneering
custom website design company,
Dynamic Digital Advertising offers
in-depth keyword research that will
identify definitive Internet keywords
and keyword phrases that are the
most relevant, the most beneficial, and
the biggest potential lead producers
for your company's website.

Keywords are basically search terms—words or phrases Internet users enter at the search engines when looking for particular information, products or services. The goal of keyword research is to identify what search terms have the potential to drive the most qualified targeted customers to your website. At Dynamic Digital Advertising, we do it every day, and we do it very well.

DDA's keyword research starts with a careful compilation of words and phrases that would be used to describe your company, your industry, and the products or services your company provides. Then, we analyze each potential keyword to determine its:

  • Frequency rating - how often searches are conducted using this particular word or phrase
  • Company/industry relevancy - the relationship between the word or phrase and your company's offerings
  • Attraction qualities - the ability to set your company apart from others

All these factors must be considered together. A particular keyword may have a high search frequency rate, but if it is very common word in your industry and there are a lot of websites from your industry competing for that term, that keyword may not be a good keyword for your company website to target. Likewise, if a keyword has a very strong relevancy to your offerings, but a very low search frequency rating, it won't be able to drive much traffic to your website.

By researching and analyzing the best search terms for your company, DDA can develop keyword rich content that gives your website higher search engine rankings, better visibility, and maximum potential for new Internet business development.



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Dynamic Digital Advertising has developed a proprietary custom website design and website development process which consists of fourteen steps. Each step is essential to building a website that is designed to attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of Internet searchers by earning high rankings from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The result of these fourteen steps is advanced search engine optimization that promotes your business in the online world by attracting the right kind of visitors and converting them into customers.
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As Philadelphia’s premiere graphic design firm, Dynamic Digital Advertising offers conventional marketing services that include graphic design for large format graphics, brochures, business cards, logo design, packaging, calendars, and direct mail. Many of DDA’s graphic design capabilities transfer directly to our trade show graphic design services. DDA creates trade displays for companies who want to stand out on the trade show floor. With trade show booths, banners, posters, digital videos, and table covers by Dynamic Digital Advertising, your sales team is sure to have the tools they need to attract and hold an audience’s attention. Furthermore, DDA is proud to offer the most complete listing of graphic design services in the country.
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