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Convert Trade Show Attendees into Customers with a Little Help from DDA's Table Cover Services

Table Covers

Your company is a regular member at trade shows.  In fact, the biggest one of the year is coming up in just a few weeks.  You’ll need a table cover, some trade show banners, some videos for distribution, and more to take with you to the show.  Why don’t you do one-stop-shopping?  At Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), a premier in website design and development, we offer an array of trade show display services, including trade show table cover services. 

Spiff Up a Trade Show Booth with a Table Skirt
Will you represent your company at an upcoming trade show booth? If so, remember that impressions are everything. The appearance of a trade show booth will determine exactly how many attendees you can turn into customers. You have only a matter of seconds to capture the attention of a passerby. Add professionalism and style to your trade show booth with a DDA table skirt. They come in seven different colors and various sizes. At DDA, we leave no room for hesitation. All of our table skirts are made up of 100% PolySatin, so they're easy to clean, and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Be sure to check out our table skirting page for more details.

Capture Audience Attention with a Stylish Table Throw and a Printed Logo Design
Trade shows can be time-consuming and very demanding. You have limited time to convert trade show attendees into customers. Spend less time on decorations and more time on conveying your company's important messages. Let DDA print your current logo design onto a table throw. Or DDA may even create a custom logo design if your old one is dull or outdated. Choose from either a three-sided economy throw or a four-sided full throw. The finished product: you'll have a professional look with added emphasis on your company.

Decorate an Exhibit with a Little Help from DDA's Fitted Table Throws
DDA offers fitted table throws as a way to decorate your exhibit while eliminating the need for attachment tools. Each of our fitted table throws has a sewn shirred skirt which does not require staples nor Velcro clips. They are fire retardant, easy to clean, and come in up to seven different colors. The best part about them is that they are being sold at the Internet's lowest prices, GUARANTEED. For more information, feel free to check out DDA's fitted table throws page.

Call 215-355-6442 for large format graphic design services

Start and end with DDA. Check out our trade show display services page for more information.