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Custom Virtual Reality by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware

Dynamic Digital Advertising Plans, Shoots, and Edits Videos for Interactive CDs and DVDs

Why are interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs an effective way to market products or services? They serve as virtual salespeople that provide a gateway to your company and your website. Interactive CDs and DVDs work particularly well when you need to demonstrate, through the use of video, the complete story of your product or service. Distribute interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs to clients or prospects, display them at trade shows or in the lobby of your facility, or use them as instructional and presentational tools in meetings or employee training sessions.

  Your interactive CD-ROM or DVD can feature training videos, marketing videos, video tours, product demos, testimonials, and a host of other materials that work together in an aesthetic graphical user interface that is compatible with any Mac or PC and all stereo/audio devices. Interactive CDs and DVDs can link to websites that can stream video for public viewing and PDF files that may have more detailed information. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

Call Dynamic Digital Advertising, a professional custom website design and video production company, for interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs that offer broadcast quality video to sell products or services, train new employees, and educate members of your organization.

Before You Begin, Ask Yourself…
• Who is going to watch the interactive CD/DVD?
• What is your “take home” message?
• Where will the CD/DVD be played?

Plan for Success
Establishing a plan is the first step for successful interactive CD/DVDs. DDA works with clients to understand their marketing objectives and identify their target audience. Together we create a plan that accomplishes goals, reaches targeted audiences, and generates the responses you want. A truly strong marketing plan should be as diverse as possible in the way it reaches your target market. DDA can help you determine which interactive elements will enhance the presentation as well as those that will detract from it.

Once the concept has been established, our degreed writers develop a script that may include narration, presentation, and dialogue. DDA’s scriptwriters, designers, and videographers work as a team to outline a storyboard that flows seamlessly and engages your audience’s attention successfully.

Shoot for Broadcast Quality
Tired of constant disruption and time-consuming shots? For many video production companies such problems are commonplace, but for DDA, such problems are eliminated. With years of experience under their belts, out videographers maintain a sense of courtesy and professionalism while shooting on-location or in our studio. We use the latest digital equipment to obtain broadcast quality audio and video. DDA’s crew of videographers and directors know how to do their jobs efficiently, costing you less time and less money, without compromising quality.

Edit for Results
You may think of video editing as a way to correct mistakes or a way to trim hours of shots into a 5-minute presentation. In fact, video editing at DDA accomplishes much more. Editing tells a story and turns disconnected shots into a complete production that has meaning. The truth is, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs are made in the editing room. When our videographers pull apart the pieces and move them around, new possibilities develop. We can smooth out rough footage, change how the viewer feels about a subject, influence public opinion, promote a product or service, or simply appeal to your audiences needs and wants. The goals established in the planning stage dictate the direction editing takes.

Plan, shoot, and edit video for your next interactive CD-ROM or DVD with a professional custom website design and video production company, Dynamic Digital Advertising, and get the response you’re looking for: call now.
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Let DDA put your interactive video on the web and see even better results. In addition to being a professional video production company, DDA is a custom web site design and development company paving the way for companies of all sizes to expand how they market their products or services. Through video, animation, and Onlivemation™, a DDA exclusive, we can integrate interactive video on your existing or new website that helps introduce a section or guide users as they browse. Not only do we equip web sites with the tools that promote interactivity, but we also utilize search engine optimization to get sites on the first few pages of major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
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Is your catalog outdated? Does it fail to provide enough information or is the graphic design hindering your chances of engaging your target market? Then rely on the experience and talent behind Dynamic Digital Advertising, a leading graphic design firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We employ a staff of degreed copywriters who know how to produce effective catalog copywriting, and graphic designers who know how to produce designs that are as appealing as they are functional. Give your customers, distributors, and others a professional DDA-designed catalog that features the best attributes your products have to offer.
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