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Commercial Script Writing for Digital Video by Dynamic Digital Advertising in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware
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Commercial Script Writing Services for
Digital Video Production By DDA

Videos must feature more than professional editing and broadcast quality picture and sound: the success of your video, whether corporate, training, or streaming, depends on its ability to communicate a clear message to an audience. Many people, being experts in their industries or fields, believe that writing a script is simple and that anyone with advertising knowledge and marketing know-how can communicate to an outsider the benefits of their products and services.

Dynamic Digital Advertising knows it takes more and therefore maintains a full-time of staff of degreed writers who work with DDA’s clients during the storyboarding and scripting process to understand their industries, their products and services, and their target audiences. The skills of DDA’s writers ensure that the information being conveyed in the video is comprehensible, clear, and memorable.

As a full-service marketing company, Dynamic Digital Advertising maintains a staff of writers who are instrumental in developing scripts during the digital video production process. Don’t waste money and time on digital videos lacking a substantive, intelligible  message: call DDA for complete digital video production services.

DDA’s professional scriptwriters are experienced in all types of writing, from website content development to journalism to technical, medical, creative, and more. Read on to see how Dynamic Digital Advertising’s writers enhance the quality of digital videos:

Custom Training Video Scriptwriting
Educating new employees quickly and effectively is essential to serving your customers or clients. Unfortunately, employees will often let their minds wander during important training sessions if the video is poorly produced or the script’s message is unclear. Training videos that have been properly scripted by Dynamic Digital Advertising’s writers make viewing enjoyable and make processing and recalling information simple. DDA’s script writers work with clients to realize what needs to be covered then writing entertaining narratives or dialogues that seamlessly integrate important training information.

Scriptwriting for Trade Show Videos
At trade shows, your digital video has less than a few seconds to capture the attention of a passerby. Moreover, most trade show attendees are pressed for time and will watch only for a minute or two before wanting to talk to a sales rep or walking onto the next trade show exhibit. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s script writers are aware of the time constraints and work to keep the message concise and compelling. DDA’s writers also work with our in-house videographers and graphic designers who can provide on-screen text that reinforces the spoken word. With DDA’s dynamic scripts supporting your trade show video, your trade show representatives are sure to have their hands full.

Scripting Corporate Videos
Corporate video scriptwriting can be a challenge. Not only is your presentation necessary for entertaining potential customers, investors, or sponsors, it is also being evaluated by your employers and colleagues, who are experts in your industry. Dynamic Digital Advertising’s scriptwriters rise to the challenge by working to understand your audience, your message, and your interest in conveying the right “feeling” to the corporate video. DDA’s writers then begin developing test scripts that you evaluate for style, tone, and information as a DDA marketer begins locating the right voice talent to accompany the words.

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Contact Dynamic Digital Advertising today for the video production and script writing services that help you engage your audience.



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Dynamic Digital Advertising’s script writers do more than work with DDA’s videographers for the production of leading digital videos: DDA’s script writers also play a valuable role in Dynamic Digital Advertising’s professional website design and development process. A leading custom website design company, Dynamic Digital Advertising uses its professional process to build websites that are inherently stronger through the inclusion of visitor conversion mechanisms and natural search engine optimization which have been integrated into the website’s content. With professional search engine optimization copywriting services, DDA is the clear choice for companies who want to rank on the front pages of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
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Dynamic Digital Advertising’s professional videos contain more than compelling narration and dialogue: DDA’s digital videos also contain 3D-animations, virtual reality, new logos for branding and corporate identity, and much more, which is made possible through DDA’s graphic design services. A premiere graphic design firm based in the Philadelphia area, Dynamic Digital Advertising commits to providing clients, whether they are located in Pennsylvania or California, with high-end marketing and advertising media that contain state-of-the-art imagery. Containing one of the largest graphic design service lines in the country, DDA can provide any graphic design service a client may need.
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