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Post-Launch Website Optimization by DDA

You’ve taken the first step towards better Marketing in the 21st Century™ by allowing Dynamic Digital Advertising to custom design, develop, and launch your corporate website.

Now what?

Companies who just allow their websites to stagnate never fully reap the benefits of ongoing search engine optimization. These benefits are as clear as the detriments: You can improve search engine rankings, draw more visitors, increase usability, and grow your business in the online marketplace. Or you can let unidentified obstructions block search engine spiders and areas of confusion send prospects clicking back to Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Finish the job: fulfill your website’s potential. Call to learn how Dynamic Digital Advertising’s custom website design and professional website development process uses post-launch optimization services to ensure that your website does more work for your business everyday.


Custom websites that are constructed according to the first 13 steps of Dynamic Digital Advertising’s professional website design and custom website development process are ready to take organic search engine optimization to the next level. While other web designers are just starting optimization for your competitor’s websites, your website is already well on its way to front page search engine rankings. To put the finishing touches on the hard work that has been performed continuously throughout the entire website design process, DDA uses some of the following methods of optimization:


Keyword-rich Information Modules
With metric tracking data, DDA can target the keywords that are used most often by the visitors who convert into customers. DDA then uses these keywords to generate new modules of search engine-friendly content.


Localization Programs
Most business, especially if service-based, is still local. Help customers in your regional area find you. Searchers who type in a keyword and the name of your hometown, county, state, or zip code see your website before they see the websites of your competitors.


Strategic Linking
DDA utilizes strategic linking to create additional ports of entry at other websites for potential visitors to use while improving page rank on Google and Yahoo.

There are many more proven strategies that Dynamic Digital Advertising uses for post-launch optimization. Call us today to learn about them all.

Still not sure if post-launch website optimization services are for you?
Ask yourself these questions:
• How is the website being received and ranked by search engines?
• How are visitors using search engines to find your website?
• What pathways are used to navigate your website?
• Does your website provide a pleasant and productive experience?
• What places in the website could be improved to help visitors find what they want?

If the answers to any of these questions are “I don’t know,” call Dynamic Digital Advertising. We truly complete the custom website design and development process with post-launch optimization that makes websites work both today and tomorrow.

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