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Corporate Identity

A company's "corporate identity" once loosely referred to their logo, letterhead, business cards and the sign outside the building. Then came the Internet and the World Wide Web. As information technology evolved, the definition of "corporate identity" became vastly more complex, and its value has become vastly more important.

Today, a company's name, logo and look are only the foundation layer of its corporate identity. Today, a company's corporate identity embodies its entire persona and every contributing factor. Whether you're a new company looking to build your corporate identity, or if you're already established and your identity needs some remodeling, call the experts. Dynamic Digital Advertising has all the corporate identity solutions you need.

What Dynamic Digital Advertising Does for Corporate Identities
We are master carpenters when it comes to building corporate identity packages. We start with a strong foundation layer. We'll select fonts and colors that match your image. We'll design your logo so it's perfectly aligned with your industry and your philosophies. And, we'll develop all your other communication pieces with critical consistency. But that's just the beginning of what we do.

With our full range of digital capabilities, DDA can develop cross-platform corporate marketing and identity solutions so your company will achieve consistency in all your messaging. We will give you the corporate branding tools you need to attract new customers, retain old customers, and project, promote and protect your corporate image more efficiently, more effectively and more affordably.

A Company Website is a Key Element of a Corporate Identity Package
In today's highly competitive business arena, if you don't have a website—or you have a poorly perceived website—you're making a costly marketing mistake. Not only are you missing a huge opportunity to build your market share, you're eliminating the most effective corporate branding tool available today.

Your website can provide unlimited branding opportunities if it is designed, developed and managed efficiently. Dynamic Digital Advertising offers website design, website development, website marketing and website hosting, along with a wide range of improvement services that are designed to ensure your company gets the most from its corporate website. We have developed proprietary processes to maximize website availability, usability, navigation and visibility through search engine optimization.

Your Corporate Identity Depends on Digital Technology
In 1994, Dynamic Digital Advertising was one of the first totally digital agencies in the United States. Our comprehensive digital capabilities and our innovative approach positioned DDA as a pioneer in the digital age of marketing. Today, we are still the leader in digital marketing solutions because we understand the new realities of Marketing in the 21st Century.

If you're not taking advantage of all the available digital technology to build your corporate identity and brand your company, you should take another hard look at your marketing plan.

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