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Product Launch and Promotion

For any new product launch to succeed, it must be the right product at the right time with high visibility, good credentials and clean delivery. The investment in a new product launch can often be large, the risk substantial, and the price of failure catastrophic.

Good news! Dynamic Digital Advertising knows how to launch products successfully and affordably! We understand today's marketplace, and we know how to leverage our marketing and advertising expertise with our superior digital capabilities to provide incomparable product launch solutions.

Realities of New Product Launches in the 21st Century
• Even the best new products from the most well known companies don't stand a chance in today's marketplace without valiant launch introductions and strong promotional continuity.

• With 91% of buyers using the Internet to shop, you no longer have a choice. You MUST maximize your launch impact with a bold online presence if you want to succeed.

• About 85% of all visits to websites originate from search engines. If your website doesn't rank high enough on the various search engines, potential customers won't find you. If you allow your website and your new product to fall into the "lost" category, your new product launch is doomed to fail.

• Rivaling fierce competition and the barrage of promotional messaging, your product launch communiqué has to be strong, unique, memorable and useful. It has to be timely, informative and purpose driven. Your presentation, in all formats, must be qualitative, quantitative and far reaching.

DDA Can Launch Your New Product Successfully
Launching your new product is not a game in which mere survival will suffice. It is a process that includes strategic analysis, detailed planning, methodical execution and ongoing monitoring and management. If your goal is to launch your new product into notoriety, notability, desirability, longevity, and profitability, Dynamic Digital Advertising can get you there.

DDA can help you plan comprehensive strategies for your new product launch—and we can execute the plan, manage the promotion, and sustain the impact value—completely, seamlessly and successfully. We have the digital technology and the expertise to analyze your customers, your competitors, and your market, and identify the perfect media mix for your product based on the realities of Marketing in the 21st Century.

Our team of marketing experts can design multimedia packaging, messaging and delivery that targets your best prospects. From digital photography to illustration to 3D models or full-motion animation, new products can be launched with customized visual representations.

We can search engine optimize your website so it achieves higher rankings and prospective customers can find your new product faster and easier. We have promotional tools to market your new product online and off, and our comprehensive e-commerce capabilities can help you channel your new product more efficiently.

With DDA’s advanced digital capabilities combined with our expert marketing experience, your new product can be successfully launched, found, noticed and sold.






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