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Open Future Learning

Developed: 2012
Description: When Benjamin Drew, founder of Open Future Learning, was in search of an eLearning developer to make his vision of an all-in-one training destination a reality, he turned to the company that, like his, offered an unbeatable suite of industry leading services. For Open Future Learning, DDA created far more than web-based learning modules; DDA created an eLearning powerhouse in which an entire company can go to enroll, partake in, and track the activities of its employees and their interactions with a vast library of offered training material. DDA handled nearly every aspect of production and set in motion a multifaceted development effort. Through the coordinated efforts of the DDA design, programming, and video departments, a robust administrative area was made, a sleek promotional website launched, and an interactive module interface created. Portal features include interactive module graphics and notes, engaging quizzes, an administrative dashboard for account supervisors to manage and monitor sub-accounts, and a powerful master admin where account balances and access can be set, reporting conducted, and much more.
Open Future Learning eLearning Portal