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Developed: 2012
Description: Consumer projectors and display products are utilized in a variety of industries, such as medical, scientific, and defense. Moxtek manufactures high-heat tolerance wire-grid polarizers for use in these projectors, for their features far exceed thin film and organic polarizers in visible light applications. Moxtek wanted to illustrate how their polarizers outshine the competition, and so they enlisted DDA to produce an informative video to be played during trade show events that showcase the polarizers. In order to fully capture how these improved polarizers function, DDA Video created an animated projector that demonstrates how light is transmitted through the polarizers and out of projector lenses. The viewer is taken inside the projector to see the polarizer in action, as text, voiceover, and supplemental images reinforce the messages. Some technical images provided by the client were also animated by DDA to better illustrate key points. The animations capture the viewers attention while the informative content narrated by a professional actor from DDA’s Actors’ Gallery and on-screen text and graphics do their part to fully explain the features. As a result, DDA Video produced an effective promotional tool that shines a light on Moxtek’s state-of-the-art polarizers.