992 Samples
IMAC Systems

Developed: 2013
Description: When IMAC Systems needed sell sheets to advertise their new Vent Line Protector (VLP®), they turned to the print design artists at DDA for help. The VLP is an innovative new solution to help keep natural gas lines functional during a major flood event. During normal conditions, the VLP remains open and allows for regular functioning of the vent lines. When the unit is submerged, a float in the device rises and creates a seal on the vent line, keeping it safe during flood conditions. The sell sheet offered excellent background on the device, and its crisp presentation helped to keep the visual focus on a cutaway of the VLP which helped elucidate its inner workings. DDA also created a full-motion 3D video animation of the VLP in action, which could be accessed via the Quick Response (QR) code found on the sell sheet.