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Vision Software Technologies

Developed: 2013
Description: Vision Software Technologies develops software which supports food service at hospitals and other institutions which need to maintain strict dietary guidelines for large numbers of people and support staff. They had recently seen DDA in 60 Seconds and they wanted to make their own internet marketing video in a similar style. The key to making the video a success was to ensure that only the most important information would be featured, allowing for a fast pace that was certain to capture and keep viewers’ attention. 2D animation would be employed, along with judicious use of special effects, to promote the illusion of a 3D environment and better engage viewers. Key points are emphasized with big, bold on-screen texts throughout, and sound effects and music combine help to flesh out the sensory experience. DDA recorded a voice-over narration track, sourcing the perfect talent for the job from its very own Actors’ Network of over 60 professional actors and voice-over artists. DDA included an active hyperlink at the end of the video, allowing users to quickly respond to a call to action and encourage them to take a free foodservice operational checkup, submitting information about themselves and the organization they are investigating on behalf of.