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Monarch Recovery Management

Developed: 2013
Description: Monarch Recovery Management, Inc. wanted to update its tradeshow display for trade shows. The company again turned to DDA’s expert graphic design team for an innovative trade show graphic that included design elements similar to other Monarch Recovery Management, Inc. marketing materials, also created by DDA's designers and marketing team. The new trade show graphic featured the company logo and the signature butterfly image. For this trade show graphic, the company wanted to emphasize its compliance-first approach so “A Compliance-First Approach to Collections” was placed in the center of the graphic to catch attendees’ attention. The company also wanted to promote itself as an advanced recovery management firm, so “A Next Generation Collection Agency” was placed at the top above the logo. On the right side, services provided by the company are listed. Some of the company’s main assets, which are compliance, technology, and performance, are listed at the bottom of the graphic. The bright color palette, bold text, and information in list format made this trade show graphic stand out among the rest. The overall design of the trade show graphic captured attendees’ attention and successfully promoted Monarch Recovery Management, Inc.