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Developed: 2013
Description: The KeyStone Center, a leading behavioral health facility and a longtime client of DDA, was working with a local clinic to host a Trauma Informed Care workshop. The organization needed an effective way to market the workshop, and asked the DDA graphic design team to create a post card to promote the event. The workshop, which featured a respected KeyStone Center employee as the keynote speaker, would feature topics relevant to adolescents and adults. Because the audience was broad, the post card needed to be age- and gender-neutral. DDA graphic designers also had to design the post card to be unique, yet flow with the rest of The KeyStone Center marketing materials. The final product was a colorful and easy-to-read post card that outlined all relevant information regarding the workshop. The left side of the front of the post card featured contemporary design elements and a photo of a troubled teen to match with the overall topic of the workshop. The right side of the front of the post card clearly listed the presenters of the workshop as well as details regarding its date, time, location, etc. The back of the post card featured information about the keynote speaker on the left side, which is where they eye is immediately drawn. On the right side of the back of the post card, there is negative space above The KeyStone Center’s contact information and signature key logo. The use of a blue and orange color palette, accompanied by negative space, attracted the attention of the reader. As hoped, the finished product is attractive, inviting, and easy to read.