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Developed: 2013
Description: Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing provides its customers with precision manufacturing services and high-quality machined parts. The company wanted to strengthen its online presence so it asked the professionals at DDA to redesign and redevelop its website. DDA offered its search engine marketing and web design services to create a new web presence for Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing. The copywriters at DDA conducted research to determine keyword search patterns for services and products offered by the company. The DDA copywriters then developed 25 pages of search engine optimized content that would work with the website’s existing content. The graphic designers at DDA created a website design with state-of-the-art navigation. The website prominently featured the company’s logo as well as imagery relating to the company’s services. Furthermore, the website layout featured a user-friendly menu and rotating images, which caught the users’ attention. Bright colors and bold text were also used to make the experience even more memorable. Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing now has a sleek and visually-appealing website, and the company saw an increase in its website traffic thanks to the keyword-rich content developed by DDA.